Murmur and Complain

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Murmur and Complain

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 24 Jun 2010, 12:05 pm

Murmur and complain
You kill your blessings
Destroy all your rewards.
Murmur and complain
You push people to the limits
Turn them bitter against you.
Murmur and complain
Your words speak death
They rob hearts of joy.
Murmur and complain
Your negativity is cancerous
Takes root into the bones.
Murmur and complain
You push people away
Friends and family stop coming.
Murmur and complain
You breed hate and discontent
Causing ingratitude and unbelief.
Murmur and complain
You are a tool of Satan
To destroy believers in the body.
Murmur and complain
Without faith you cannot please Yahweh
Nor inherit the kingdom of heaven.
Murmur and complain
You will be destroyed
In the wilderness of your making.
Murmur and complain
Stop now, repent.
Ask Yahweh’s forgiveness
Cleanse yourself, be made whole
Do this, save your soul
Before you are blotted out
Of the Book of Life.
Get rid of it
- The murmur and complaining.

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