Adamant Ants?

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Adamant Ants?

Post  fennywest on Tue 06 Jul 2010, 12:32 pm

Adamant ants?
Only God knows
what they really are:
a cross between
cockroaches and ants;
very strong, defiant
They are robust, daring; cunning.

Hit them and they will
pretend to be dead,
then leap up and run away
like a jet or supersonic rocket.

They seem to be doubly
Obeying the biblical command:
‘Go ye and multiply’,
even more than man.
They have taken over the house,
Parading everywhere.
Lift your eyes and you will see one
dancing on the table right before you.
Turn aside and there is another
crawling by the side of the bed.
They come from above and below-
ground force and air force
which are well equipped;
Ever-ready and always on the move.

Several attempts to annihilate them
Have woefully failed; to our dismay and surprise.

They seem to be saying:
“We are going no where!
We are the founding fathers
Of this grand abode;
And we are here to stay.
There is no ‘u-turn’ for us.
You turn if you wish.

“And if you hit us harder
We will duck and dive under
But we vow to return
With verve, vigour, vitality and venom;
Bigger, better, stronger, fiercer,
Bolder, broader and wiser.

Have we made ourselves clear?

Please, any useful suggestion or solution will be most welcome.

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