True Poverty

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True Poverty

Post  WARRIOR on Wed 07 Jul 2010, 7:37 pm

A life of privilege
Wanting for nothing
It so seems that those mentioned
Are the most wretched.

Affluence has a way of
Poisoning Ones self.
How often the sad tale
Of a very rich person’s life
Ending in despair and utter demise.

Yet you hear of those happier
With nothing to carry forward.
The poor are rich in ways
That we cannot comprehend.
They walk in the integrity
Of their souls, definition pronounced.

Riches a massed elude us,
They fall out of a bag with holes
Yet the poor’s wealth is a spiritual treasure.
They are one with the earth
And reverence it for its substance
To help them make it
Yet another day.

They understand the balance of things
And the cycle of change.
People are drawn to those
Who know who they are.
Their essence exudes
To those in great need.

Two worlds meet and clash.
Society holds one in great esteem
Based on the values of men.
The heavenly choir
Holds the other in great esteem ~
The meek inherit the earth.
They have the true treasure
They are the guardian of it.

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