Everybody Has a Story( 2)

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Everybody Has a Story( 2)

Post  fennywest on Sun 15 Aug 2010, 4:46 am

Everybody has a story
Some funny, others gory
And we all think
Ours is the best or worst.

But there’s always good reason
And rhyme for our journey.
God gives us the story line
Designed to lead us to Him,
But we often see All but Him.

What is your storyline like?
What are you going through?
What have you been through?
Can you see God in your storyline?
Can you see God in your timeline?
Did you hear His voice calling you?
Did you see His arms outstretched to you?
Are you ready to surrender today?
Or will you keep running with your fingers in your ears, like Adam and Eve?
Like the prodigal son, you have run away and wasted all you were given.

You have been ripped off by fair- weather friends, left broke busted and disgusted. And now you waste away, pine and whine after the wining, dining and dancing. You have been violated, raped, licked clean, taken to the cleaners, shaved clean, left high and dry. You are now naked, forlorn, parading the streets as a harlot, living along ‘Beggarly-road, next door to barely–get-along.

Where are all your ‘soul mates and suitors?’
Where are all your bosom pals?
They have grown wings and flown, haven’t they?
When will you come to your senses?
When will you say; I will arise and go back to my Father, and say, ‘I have sinned against You and heaven. Take me as one of your hired servants.’
O r would you continue to wallow in your mire? Stew in your
Daily I look out the window
Wondering when you will come back home.

You are part of Me.

I made you to have fellowship and intimacy with Me.
I miss you dearly. I gave my best for you; poured my life for you. You are My love, My treasured possession, the apple of my eyes, my missing jewel, lost property.

There is a hole in you that only I can fill. Drugs will not do. Sex will not do. Property will not do. Career will not do. Friends will not do. Recreation will not do. Relationships will not do. Money or knowledge or education will not do.

These will leave you empty still.

My dear, here are My Hands outstretched to you again.
Would you ignore it again?
I am knocking on the door of your heart today.
I am waiting out here in the cold.
Please, don’t leave Me here for too long.
Do not say, ‘Later or tomorrow.’
It may be too late!

I will leave you My Mobile number: Jeremiah 33:3
or Romans 10:9-10 or John 3:16, or Rev.3:20.
. I am just a call away.

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