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Come Now!

Post  fennywest on Thu 16 Sep 2010, 11:27 pm

Come Now!

Come Now!
Friend, come now
Come now and bow
Give Him your burden
And be enrolled for heaven
Bow your knee
And be set free
Set free for freedom
To enter His Kingdom.

Come now
And receive New life
From the Resurrection and the Life.
Come receive eternal life
Come pass from death to life.
Come to the burden bearer
Heíll raise you make you better.
Come, sigh no more
Enter into Heavenís Door.

Come now
As you hear the Gospel sound
Yield and Heíll turn your life around.
Come now to the Prince of Peace
Come receive Godís peace.
Come, give Him your heart
And Heíll give you a New Start.
A brand new beginning
And youíll start winning.

Come now
All you who labour
bow and receive favour
Receive the free gift of God
Receive the free lift of God.
Receive Godís Riches at Christ Expense
Receive GRACE to end your disgrace.
All you need is repentance
To end your death sentence.

Come now
And be washed clean
On the Everlasting Arms lean
Come and the lifted from the bin
Come ask for forgiveness for your sin.
Come into the fold
Come away from the cold
Come for forgiveness
Be healed of sin-sickness

Come now
Come out of prison
From the dead be risen.
All those without hope
Come to the God of Hope
Come, give Him your future
Heíll make you a New Creature.
Come and cross the Bridge to God.
Jesus Christ the Word of God.
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