God Likes Challenges

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God Likes Challenges

Post  fennywest on Fri 17 Sep 2010, 11:57 am

God likes challenges
But those who oppose God’s people
Should know that they oppose God:
‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?’
And they will certainly bite the dust.
Paul was bold , breathing violence
Murder, havoc against the Church
But each opposition brought him closer to Christ
Until the day he bowed the knee. (Acts9)

Pharaoh wanted to enslave the Jews
He disobeyed the Word: ‘Let My people go!’
He was adamant, defiant: ‘I won’t let go!’
God taught him a lesson he will never forget. ( Ex14, 15)

Nebuchadnezzar built an image of gold
Commanded even God’s children to
bow and worship the image.
They refused and were thrown
into the fiery burning furnace.
God sent His Son to protect them.
In fact the fire set them free.

The king’s decree was reversed,
Because he had to eat his words.
Those who opposed the children of God lost
They all had to bow the knee. (Dan.3)

King Belshazzar brazenly defiled the golden vessel of God
He saw the worst of his nightmares-
a finger writing on the wall:
‘Thou art weighed …and found wanting.’
That night he was overthrown and exiled. (Dan.5)

Daniel’s detractors conspired against him
Determined to ruin his reputation
And snuff out his light, they wanted favour
Daniel was undaunted and prayed as usual.
He was thrown into the lion’s den
But God delivered Daniel from the lion’s den.
Those who opposed him were
fed to the lions and what a feast it was! ( Dan.6)

Joseph had a dream; a dream from God
But his brothers rose up against the dream.
They connived, threw him into the pit
Sold him as a slave and he ended up in Egypt.
Despite his integrity and excellence
Adversity came, temptation came
He overcame yet he was maligned
And was thrown into prison
But all these were a set up for a lift up.
If you are the redeemed of the Lord,
Those who oppose you need to watch out
He is sovereign and has the last word
In the end his will, will prevail.

Wicked Harman plotted against the Jews
He connived to wipe them out one day
It was to be the first holocaust
But God was miles ahead of him
He had built a gallows to hand Mordecai
He and his sons were hung on his gallows. (Esther8:7; -9:12)

Nebuchadnezzar thought he was the King of kings-
All-knowing, all-powerful, unconquerable.
He boasted about his kingdom and power.
God reduced him to an animal until he came to his senses.

Senacherib, the Assyrian warrior
warned Hezekiah, the man of God:
‘You know full well, we’re unstoppable.
Do not let your God deceive you.’
It was he that was deceived as he bit the dust.( 2Ki19:9-19)

God like challenges
Disciples were opposed
As they preached the Gospel
They were beaten, battered and broken
Threatened, warned thrown into the prison, ( Acts4)
And God rocked the prison
And set his people free.
Some were stoned and flogged with rods
their hands and feet were chained.
Yet they refused to keep quiet.
They were rather emboldened.
Angels were on assignment for some of them like Peter.
Iron Gates opened of their own accord.
They continued preaching, were charged
to keep going from strength to strength.
They went unrelenting, with fervor and passion,
Preaching the Gospel of deliverance and salvation.
Some were even sawn into two.
Yet, others continued to preach
Even when they heard that
Some of their mates had their heads
cut off and offered as birthday presents.(Matt.11, -14:1-14)

God likes challenges from any quarters
And those who know him will be strong
Regardless of the storm they face.
And they will do great exploits
They will stand in the face of any challenge.
Take up the gauntlet and go declaring:
The Kingdom of God is at hand.

Darkness cannot and will not prevail
‘The light shines in darkness and
the darkness did not overcome it.’
Light opposes darkness
Light convicts darkness
Light makes darkness uncomfortable.
Yes when light refuses to be quenched
There will be a clash and a fight.
Opposition will come from many quarters.
‘But those who know their God shall be
strong and they will do great exploits.’ (Dan12:32)
Through our God we shall do valiantly.
It is He who has put down the enemy.
Greater is He that is in us than
he that is in the world. (1John4:4)
The kingdom of God suffers violence
But the violent takes it by force.
They overcame him by the blood of
the lamb and by the word of their testimony
that they loved not their lives even unto death. (Rev.12:11)
Thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph. (2Cor2:14)
If God be for us who can be against us? (Rom8:31)
The battle is not ours but the Lord’s
Nay in all these things we are
more than conquerors. (Rom8:37)
All things work together for good for
those who love God and who are
called according to His purposes.( Rom8:28)
And ye shall receive power after the
Holy Ghost has come upon you.
And ye shall be witnesses unto me in Jerusalem, in Judea,
in Samaria and unto the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:Cool

The power of the Spirit shall rise from within
Empowering us to tower
Charging us to refuse to cower,
But rather making us to tower.
We shall not bow to the foe,
As we obey the command to ‘Go!’
Let principalities and powers howl,
Oppose, threaten or even kill.
But the plan of God they will not kill.
As we stand our ground in Jesus’ name.
The God we serve is ever the same.
The power in us will cause us to rise,
Above every satanic demise and devices.
We will rise on eagles wings;
mount up to surmount by the Spirit’s power.
That power has unquenchable fire,
That surges with every satanic water
Thrown at it, to undermine or quench it.
That fire rises higher and higher,
Engulfing every satanic barriers,
charring every demonic gates,
Bulldozing every wicked bulwarks;
Debasing every adamant pillars,
Felling every snarling roaring lion;
Destroying every prowling hyena.

There is a higher power!
And that power is of our God
He is the Sovereign God
Who rules from sea to sea-
The Master of the seas.
And when the seas lift up their heads
and the water cause a watershed.
We will lift up our heads to the God
who is head over all. (Ps93)
He is mightier than the thunder of the seas;
mightier than the breakers of the seas.
Our God has the final say- not principalities and powers
Who oppose, tear down, disdain, detain
Imprison, threaten and kill.

Jericho was fortified, wasn’t it?
But it fell down flat,
After the people of God marched round it as
the Lord commanded and blew the trumpet.
Gideon with 300 men defeated over
100,000 because God was with him.
Even though he started out thinking
he was the weakest link, the least of the least.
One with God is majority.

Goliath met his waterloo,
When he defied the army of the Living God.
Nebuchadnezzar thought he was unconquerable,
But he was driven into the forest
Grew claws and feathers and was humbled.
Herod thought he was a demagogue
And hence a god on the earth.
Prided himself of his oratory,
He ascribed the glory to himself
He was struck down and maggots
oozed out of him even before he died.

Pharaoh was hard-hearted until he
and his army were humiliated at the red sea.
His army sank in the sea whilst the people
of God walked through on dry ground. ( Ex14,15)

Yes, opposition will come again and again
to the redeemed- those called to proclaim the gospel.
But the redeemed must not give in, give up,
fear, stand back, run or cry wolf.
We are called to be strong in the Lord
And in His mighty power.
We are called to put on the whole armour
of God and stand in the evil day.
God has given us His whole armour:
1. The breastplate of righteousness
2. The helmet of salvation
3. The shoes of the Gospel
4. The shield of faith
5. the belt of truth
6. The sword of the Spirit- the word of God.
7. We have all kinds of prayer.

The redeemed must be strong, unequivocal in their conviction
About their mission, their dream
Their calling, assignment and commission:
‘GO into all the world and preach the Gospel
… and Lo I am with you until the end of the age.

‘Go ‘ is the watchword,
Regardless of the barriers.
‘Go’ is the word we know.
Is spite of the opposition.
‘Go’ is what we will do
Even when we’re jeered and booed at.
‘Go’ is the word we will obey,
No matter what people say.

The good news must be preached
Because ‘God so loved the world that
he gave his only begotten Son that
whosoever believeth in Him should not perish
but have everlasting life.’
The good news must be preached because
without it people will go to hell.
The good news must be preached because
those who have found bread and mercy
want others to receive the same.
The good news must be proclaimed
In the highways, airwaves and byways,
internet and on TV- cable and terrestrial.
Every means available must be used.
There shall be no letting up.

We will fight the opposition.
We will fight them on the fields.
We will fight them on the beaches.
We will fight them on the hills.
We will fight them in the trenches
We will fight them in the bushes.
We will fight them in the clouds
We will fight them in the deserts.
Yes, even in the forests
they will not have rest.
We will fight them on the ground
With the Gospel sound we’ve found.
We will fight them on the trees.
We will fight them under the seas.
We will fight them wherever they hide
we will fight them in the cities, hamlets
villages, alleys and valleys

And we will never, never surrender
Until the battle is done and won
In Jesus name!

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Re: God Likes Challenges

Post  WARRIOR on Mon 20 Sep 2010, 6:33 pm

Amen Brother.. Preach it!!!

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