Trusting God in trying times

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Trusting God in trying times

Post  fennywest on Mon 20 Sep 2010, 12:26 pm

Trusting God in trying times
Through thick and thin
Takes a fostered firm foundation
Nurtured over time, over years
Does not come to you
Like fast food
It comes through
His nature understood
As you hear and exercise
the Word of faith.

Faith in God will be tried sore.
You and I will be shaken to the core.
Yet we must believe that He is the Door
To a living hope that is sure.
And unless you pass the test
You cannot have a testimony.

David, in spite of his wealth and valour,
Trusted in the God of all-power
For his protection and provision.
Despite his formidable henchmen,
Depended on God to fend and defend.

Your dream may be dead
and now stinking
what happened to Lazarus.

You may be in the
valley of dry bones
and all you see, feel and hear is:
'It’s all over, no hope…'
Remember what happened to the
Valley of dry bones.
Those rose up a a mighty army
to the glory of God.

You may be like that man who
had waited 38 years at the pool
to receive his healing
But always disappointed
when the angel came
to stir the water
Remember, his
Day of visitation came.

Your day will come.

'Will you be made whole'?
is the question from the Spirit of God.

Are you like the woman
with the blood issue?
You have been many places.
You have exhausted your resources
but the situation is not better.
In fact it is worse.

Venture out today and touch Jesus
With the touch of faith.

In spite of discouragements
around you cry out to Jesus
with a loud voice, like Blind Bartimaeus.
Jesus, Son f David! have mercy on me!

You may be broke to the bone
Like that widow God sent Elijah to
To be fed. Obey God and do
the ridiculous for the miraculous.
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Re: Trusting God in trying times

Post  WARRIOR on Mon 20 Sep 2010, 6:27 pm

Again another strong faith affirming poem.

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