Mandela of Colours

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Mandela of Colours

Post  WARRIOR on Wed 22 Sep 2010, 4:13 pm

Sweet is the leaves as they fall
With the sun setting
It has a red ring around
As a tunnel blinding through
The trees so brilliant
This is not lasting
A spectacular show of grandeur
For the benefit of us
To behold creation in such beauty
Just a slice of heaven
Among so much
My eyes can scan and
Still not see all that was made
All this for us to enjoy
The Garden of Eden so large
And this is nothing in comparison
To the New Earth to come
The glories of nature mirror
The glories of heaven
A Mandela of colours
A pallet of shades not seen or used
Pure and translucent to behold
Riches of light and love
That vibrates all who live there

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