The Good Shepherd

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The Good Shepherd

Post  fennywest on Tue 28 Sep 2010, 10:01 pm

The Good Shepherd
Supplies the needs –not greed- of His sheep;
Takes them to pastures green.
Then He quenches their thirst,
Taking them to waters still.
Then He allows them to rest unperturbed.

Later He leads them and guides them
In the pathway right for them.
He guides them with His eyes.
To keep them from sighs and cries.
His voice so familiar, no stranger can deceive.
He rewards all who waver not in what they believe.
His rod is ready for any intruder or invader.
His staff He doesn’t withhold from discipline,.
He loves to keep them clean from sin.
All for the good of any wayward sheep
.Disobedience will surely make them weep.

He has a Name to protect
A Name above every other name
A Name always the same.
That Name, He would not want defamed.
Or allow to be brought to shame.
His Name is the I AM
The I AM That AM.

His Spirit will be near to comfort, teach and guide
He will bring you into new levels of intimacy, maturity,
Purity, prosperity and integrity
He will be true to his Word –the Sword
Not altering the word gone forth from His mouth.

He goes the extra-mile to find the one lost sheep,
Leaving the ninety-nine in one fold.
What a delight He enjoys when He finds the lost.
He throws a party, a banquet restoring the vagabond
His presence is always there to cheer.
No need to panic or be scared of any hyena, predator or lion
No need to be moved of any valley of the shadow of death.
Can shadows harm or bite? No never!

He spreads a banquet for the sheep
And makes them eat before the very eyes of their enemies
Why? They are vanquished, conquered, hungry foes
Longing to be invited, longing to be set free.
Why? They must look with shame, to their humiliation.
“You touched the Lord’s anointed”
they must see your favour and promotion
they cano harm.

He shall not abandon like a hireling
Who runs when the going gets tough and rough
His grace is sufficient- more than enough

Just know that you are walking through the valley.
Do not make your bed in any valley .
Do not pitch your tent there.
It is not your stop or terminus.
It is temporary , transient.
It came to pass

Nevertheless, you can go to bed and sleep-
sleep like a baby rest and jest , ‘cos the Master is near
Unmoved, at peace with a peace from the Prince of Peace

He will anoint you with oil,
Lubricate the engine of your life to work-
Work exceeding efficiently to His glory.

You will run like Elijah, past Ahab and his horse.
You will run through a troop and scale a wall.
Your Shepherded is Judah’s Lion who protects Zion.
And as your days , so shall your strength be.
His strength shall be your strength

The sheep shall have their cup overflowing
They shall be blessed too be a blessing
Their blessings shall be with good measure
pressed down, shaken together and running over
they shall go from basket blessing
to storehouse blessing
and from store-house blessing
to warehouse blessing.
Like Joseph, they shall go
from the pit and prison to the palace.
They shall be blessed in whatever
they lay their hands to do
they will remain fresh and green –
bearing fruit even in their old age.

They will be super –abundantly confident
of God’s presence, Goodness and Mercy
shall always be on assignment.
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Re: The Good Shepherd

Post  WARRIOR on Wed 29 Sep 2010, 12:10 pm

This sounds like a believers marching orders to me..
To prevail in Him... to go forward!! Blessings.

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