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Post  WARRIOR on Tue 12 Oct 2010, 5:28 pm

How autumn is here
With its biting cold
The rain washes all that remains
Of summer away
I see leaves floating on the water
Two perfect leaves, hearts no less
And they flow on the reflection
Of sky and sun
Riding the ripples to where
They are being carried ~

We are in this world
Yet not of it
Our heart is to be joined to HIS
He will direct and lead us
To follow him
We must die and fall from our tree
And land to the earth
We must die so that we may live ~

Detachment of all things
To learn to be free
To minister where the Lord leads us
Let not your heart be weighed down
With the cares and riches of this world
Of the stuff that is portrayed to us
As worth holding on to
Fighting for, dying for ~

You have no control over your life
Over your situation or status
One day trouble can come
And wipe it all away
Everything that you have
Worked so hard for
Life really is not things
It is love, it is feeling
It is giving of ones heart
And receiving back a hundred fold
The depth and breath of love so bold ~

Let Him take you off your tree
Let Him detach you from things
That hinder and hold you in this life
Let Him bind your heart to His
And ride the waters where they flow
Where He leads you
Be not afraid
For God is Love.

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