Impossible Made Possible

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Impossible Made Possible

Post  fennywest on Fri 15 Oct 2010, 12:02 am

Impossible Made Possible
Back from the dead
Saved from a horrible dread
They came into life
Stemmed, the ebb of dear life
Out of the dungeon
Into the light

Chilling and thrilling
story from Chile

For sixty-nine days
33 miners dazed
Buried by 700,000 tonnes
Of brutal rocks
They saw stars, they red
The grave was their bed
Cut off from loved ones
Condemned to die premature
an end to their dreams and future
Condemned to waste away
Deep below the earth
Face to face with death.

It was just hopeless
No light in the tunnel
Or at the end of the tunnel
Each had a story
They hoped they could tell
Incredible story of survival
It was like a revival.

How come the lifeline?

The capsule dubbed Fenix
Brought a ray of hope
to dispel the despair
They were on the road to hell
then heaven appeared.

One of them rightly said:
“ I was with God and
with the Devil.
And I reached out to God.”

O, what a poignant Word!
O what a moment!
When he was wrenched, winched out-
Out of oblivion
Out of the Land of the Dead.
It was a miracle.

Those who sat in darkness
With no hope in sight
Suddenly entered a brightness
With a glorious future in sight.

Offers are now pouring in
Contracts are coming to entice
The movie industry
Has its arms open wide
To raise them from
The dust to the crust and crest
penury to prosperity
From nonentity to celebrity.
Many are rushing
to cash in for the stories
from rags to riches
from death bed
Hollywood garden
Pit to palace
Prison to praise
Like Joseph
Like Mandela

What a story!
Some prayed like never before
Others punched the air in euphoria
salvation came just in time
before they crossed over
to the land of the dead
to be seen no more.
One of them saw it as a miracle from God
And another had his girl friend
Propose to him while he was trapped.

‘Darling, will you marry me?’
Guess what he said?...
Guess what she said?...

What an incentive to live!
Tears of Joy
Replaced the fears of death
The impossible was made possible.

Has your mine caved in?
Are you being buried alive?
Does it look hopeless?
Just a dead end?

Look up and trust
Call on Him like Peter
When he was sinking.
Know that even as you may
be with the Devil,
you are also with God

Reach out to God like that miner
And God will deliver
Confess your sins
Accept Jesus as your saviour.
And you will be heaven bound
Saved from the horrible pit of hell.
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Re: Impossible Made Possible

Post  WARRIOR on Fri 15 Oct 2010, 2:44 pm

With God ALL things are possible!!! ONLY BELIEVE!!!
Nothing happens by accident or chance, God is Soverign
and lets us all go through things for a reason. I believe
these Miners had a revival down there. Praise God for their
safety!!! And what a testiment that GOD REIGNS!!!

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