Our Words

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Our Words

Post  WARRIOR on Mon 18 Oct 2010, 2:16 pm

Slow we are to understand
Our fate is truly in our hand
Our words justify or condemn
All the prayers in the world
With all scriptures quoted besides
Will to no avail
If we drop the promise of the word
But rather quote doubt
Or what we feel, seen or heard.
We can undo a prayer
Break its fulfillment coming true
When we agree with doubt
We bind the hands of God.
Even of his word and prayer
When what we say does not agree
With what was spoken upon thee.
Faithful in the small things
Not giving in to voicing doubt
Rather holding true in faith
To the promises prayed to come about.
When we learn this truth
And know the severity of it
We will guard all we speak
Four our words will
Justify or condemn us
On Judgment Day ~
And for all, the life or death
They brought our ways
And filled the lives of others.

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