Veil: Symbol of Modesty or Prostitution?

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Veil: Symbol of Modesty or Prostitution?

Post  Waqar Daniel on Tue 02 Nov 2010, 5:47 pm

Veil was first used by prostitutes in Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia in present day would be the present day Syria, Southeastern Turkey and Southwest Iran. This area is on the basins of Euphrates and Tigris rivers and is known as the "Cradle of Civilization", since it was here that the first literate communities developed. By 6000 B.C. Mesopotamia had been settled, a process of urbanization evolved and Sumerian civilization took root. Sumer was a collection of city-states around the Lower Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is now southern Iraq. Sumerians who are the ancient inhabitants of what is now Iraq is credited with inventing the cuneiform writing. The urban civilization of Mesopotamia dates back to 5,000 BC.

In the temple of Bel at Babylon, and probably in most of the other temples both there and elsewhere throughout the country, a great festival was celebrated once in the course of each year. Numerous victims were sacrificed; and at Babylon it was customary to burn on the great altar in the precinct of Bel a thousand talents' weight of frankincense. The priests no doubt wore their most splendid dresses; the multitude was in holiday costume; the city was given up to merry-making. Everywhere banquets were held. In the palace the king entertained his lords; in private houses there was dancing and revelling. Wine was freely drunk; passion was excited; and the day, it must be feared, too often terminated in wild orgies, wherein the sanctions of religion were claimed for the free indulgence of the worst sensual appetites. In the temples of one deity excesses of this description, instead of being confined to rare occasions, the free indulgence of the worst sensual appetites seem to have been of every-day occurrence in the temples of one deity.

Each woman was required once in her life to visit the temple of Beltis, and probably in most of the other temples throughout the country and there remain till some stranger cast money in her lap and took her away with him. The women seat themselves within the holy enclosure with veil about their heads and the strangers pass along them to make their choice. A woman who has once taken her seat is not allowed to return home till one of the strangers throws a silver coin into her lap, and takes her with him beyond the holy ground. When he throws the coin, he says these words—'The goddess Mylitta (Beltis) prosper thee.' The silver coin may be of any size; it cannot be refused; for that is forbidden by the law, since once thrown it is sacred. The woman goes with the first man who throws her money, and rejects no one. When she has gone with him, and so satisfied the goddess, she returns home; and from that time forth no gift, however great, will prevail with her. Such of the women as are tall and beautiful are soon released; but others, who are ugly, have to stay a long time before they can fulfill the law. Some have to wait even three or four years in the precinct.

Prostitutes dedicated to the fertility Goddess were working at the Temples of the fertility Goddess in Canaan. There were also male priests wearing woman's clothes in these Temples. Priestesses working as prostitutes, and homosexual males were present in the Temples in Sumer. These prostitutes had to cover their heads. It is known also that in the earlier periods there were whores among the Jews who were having sexual intercourse in the name of God. That is why God in Deuteronomy 23:17 orders:
"There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel."
There is another order from God in Deuteronomy 23:18:
"You shall not bring the hire of a whore....into the house of the Lord your God."
These Jewish prostitutes used to cover their faces and their bodies with a veil. Veil originated for women in Sumer and it was their compulsory duty to have "sex" to worship the mother goddess. One can see same tradition of prostituting for goddess- in Greeks and Romans and for this the women have to take veil and thus one can understand the use of veil by women.


Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ. (Philemon 1:3)

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