Miraculous from the Ridiculous

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Miraculous from the Ridiculous

Post  fennywest on Sat 06 Nov 2010, 7:40 pm

Naaman was a general in the army
Well-respected man of authority
He also had a blaze-trail of victory
Living large in the lap of luxury
Champagne was common in his company
From dawn to dusk it was prosperity
Everywhere he had property.
All over his house were delicacies
But he had a BIG But, that was leprosy.
He also had a slave servant from the enemy.
Who was sorry and empathized with his misery.

She wished he would go and get healing remedy
But this would require great humility
This slave girl had great impunity
But it was also loaded with opportunity
She told her mistress of miracle possibility
Naaman hurried to the king immediately
Who gave him a letter of commendation
Which set him frantically in motion
With great amazement.

He ran to the basement
Put on his coat with medals
showing achievements
Soon he was on the road
Still carrying the bad leprous load
albeit in a hopeful mode
He rode his horse quickly to Samaria
to see the king about his palaver
and carrying silver, gold,
well-embroidered turbans, kaftans.
Ready to woo, entice, show appreciation.

The king of Israel went mad like hell,
Then tore his clothes to tell
Charging ‘Why do you want to pick a quarrel?’
Who told you I can make a leprous man well?
Am I God who can kill and make well,
remove leprous spell?

Prophet Elijah heard of the King’s predicament
And sent him a message like condiment:
‘Why are you upset, enraged, flabbergasted?’
Send Namaan to me and his leprosy will be wasted.

Namaan was dispatched without delay
Riding his horse at break-neck speed along the way
All along he prayed, ‘Oh Lord make a way.’

The Prophet sent his servant with a word:
‘Go and dip seven times in River Jordan.
And your leprosy will be gone.'

He expected Elijah to come out, wave his wand
Shake his body, give a spirited command.

So Namaan was highly disappointed
Dispirited, dejected, disillusion, dumbfounded
Drained and down-hearted, storming off in a rage.
His attitude nearly did great damage.

Then a multitude of counselors
Brought a safety-net to his door
He entered it and saw the light
It corrected his myopic sight.

He went to the river and dipped
Seven times as was instructed
He came out with skin like a baby.

Namaan was healed and thrilled
Jumped for joy, elated, singing, dancing
Doing acrobatics and gymnastics
It was magical, comical and entertaining.

Perhaps in spite of all your success
If you will honestly confess
There is still one area or some areas of great distress
If so let this dilemma, disease and malady
Take you to God for the remedy
Only He can make a way
Where there seems to be no way.
Go with humility
And with importunity
Go without preconditions
Go with determination
Pay the price to seek His face
And He will give His grace
Lift your face to see His face
Cause His face to shine on you
Bring you through
Give you joy unspeakable
and boon unimaginable.

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Re: Miraculous from the Ridiculous

Post  WARRIOR on Wed 10 Nov 2010, 5:11 pm

Fenny, I like how you took this scripture passage and applied
it to all that consumes or wastes away our spirit, to go to the Lord
for restoration. Very well done. enjoyed. tc

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