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Post  WARRIOR on Sat 13 Nov 2010, 3:50 pm

These tears I cry
come from my heart
they stream sorrow and pain
for all I did and believe
I thought the world to gain ~

And as I stand here now
at the cusp of eternity
I lament sore and weep
I thought the world to seek
but lost my soul ~

The Book, The Book
Of Eternal Life ~
Is my name in there?
Well let us see, did you repent
did you give your life there?

Did you receive me
with all your heart?
Did you obey and follow me?
Did you die to yourself?
Did you mean your prayer?

Do you bleat like a sheep?
Or do you nay like a goat?
Were you sincere in heart and mind
Did me you seek?
Did me you find?

Did you follow your heart
the whims to your fancy?
Were you lukewarm to my call?
Let us see, open the Book ~
For it will reveal all.

Now on knees prostrate
Before that Heavenly Throne
I see the angels search for me
He does look up with much sorrow
And then the words he does say ~

"I have searched my child
I have given mercy and grace
to see your name in the Book
I do not see it now
so go away from me,
For I never knew you ~
For you never KNEW me " ~

And the angels carry me away
I descend to the horrors of Hell
And I weep sore, with bitterness
Knashing of teeth.
Luke 12:15
Luke 12:37-46
Matthew Chapter 25

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Post  fennywest on Wed 17 Nov 2010, 4:09 pm

powerful, prophetic, dramatic and evangelistic piece

great and wonderful
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