Abandoning Ur (Fourth Age)

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Abandoning Ur (Fourth Age)

Post  babylonsfalling on Sat 20 Nov 2010, 3:18 am

Abandoning Ur
(Fourth Age)

From deep within your pagan heart,
my sacred call is heard,
to stand apart,
with all your kin in answer to my Word.
For yours shall be a holy seed,
peculiar in their creed,
who by their faith in God unseen
transcend their carnal need.

Sanctified in Spirit shall your people always be,
gifted through my oracles with Holy destiny.
Your kin shall bear the sacral light
by which the gentiles see
the distant, holy mountaintop
whereat they flock to Me.

In ages dark, apostasies
shall blind you to my ways,
whence prophesied captivities
bring evil to your days.
In ages light shall nations see
your weakness turn to might,
whence as your sons return to Me,
I save them from their plight.

So shall your kindred serve my name,
though cursed or blessed ye be.
Through favored grace or fallen shame
shall you lead men to Me.
Walk before Me perfect then
that all the world may see
the path of faith for fallen men
by which I set them free.

Genesis 12:1-3
Genesis 15:13
Genesis 17:1
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Re: Abandoning Ur (Fourth Age)

Post  WARRIOR on Mon 22 Nov 2010, 5:02 pm

This is a great continuation of the series... Enjoyed this greatly.
I like how you write in poetic verse scripture verses. Just excellent!
Good work, keep it up. ~ Warrior

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