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Post  WARRIOR on Fri 10 Dec 2010, 12:48 pm

I ask myself how does one value
and what is the meaning of it.
To have weight or meaning
to be needed of importance
all these things define
Yet there is value of another kind.
Value, the existence
that holds the key
without it there is no need
No parts to put in motion
no growth to go forward
Value is completion
It spells success and assurance
For when I am done I have value.
Yet value has meaning even before
Value is weight of itself.
True value cannot be bought
Nor traded or diminished
Value is and always has been
Value always will be
It is the laws of existence
set in motion by the Maker.
Value is beyond price
It goes to sacrifice paid
that can never be repaid
True Value is eternal
It shall never erase or disappear
Value adds never takes away
And I ask myself
Do I have value?
And the answer is yes
for I have been bought and paid for
With a price, one of great Value.
And in so doing the purchaser has
transferred His value unto me
for my value is now in Him
for now I am complete.
Yes, I have value.

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