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Post  WARRIOR on Fri 10 Dec 2010, 12:53 pm

I come for all men
Some sooner than others
I wear a thousand masks
This morning you wake
Can be your last
No one really knows for sure
I am allusive, untraceable
You cannot escape nor find me
With each birth comes a death
Some younger than others
There is no human reasoning for this
You cannot understand why I come
Or my full purpose
Everyone has a given time
In which to live
And they are to accomplish that
For which only they can do
No one has come back from the grave
To speak of me or my person
Everyday grab a hold of it as a gift
To make right your way with God
For once you are gone
All chances are lost forever
Today live wisely, seek mercy
And give mercy to others
Know that it is love that covers
A multitude of sins
Yes, my name is death
And I come for all men
Including you ~
One day shall be your last
Make it your goal before you go
To leave your foot prints in this world
Those of meaning and love
Especially those of the Saviour
For whom you serve.

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