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Post  WARRIOR on Fri 10 Dec 2010, 12:56 pm

It happens so suddenly to all of us
One moment we have our schedule
The next it is taken from us forever
Looking for the familiar is unsettling
When it is gone for good
Having to start over is an awakening
To ones inner self
Alive as never before from your slumber
You must look at things fresh and new
To have no resources and be caught unprepared
This is the hardest thing to do
Life has cycles and phases
As we age we go through passages
They are not for the weak at heart
Rather one must be strong or
One must be resigned to ride the wave
That has you swept up in it
And for all the things we learn in life
Nothing can prepare you for that gigantic leap
One we all must take
To go from here to there
With nothing in the middle
To grab a hold of
It happens so suddenly to all of us
May we learn to be resilient
To trust in the Almighty to carry us through
For we were never meant to carry the loads
Or the burdens for which life places on us.

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