Recipe For Success ( poem)

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Recipe For Success ( poem)

Post  fennywest on Sun 12 Dec 2010, 1:39 pm

Recipe of Success ( poem)
Is first to know God
Don’t just profess
Not just know His Word
But Know Him intimately.
By this I mean personally.

Next, you need to hear His voice
Like music to your ears
It must be a treasure to you- more than gold;
As the sheep hears the shepherd’s voice
His voice must be your choice, despite jeers
You must tune your ‘radio’ to His frequency.

It is not enough to hear God
You must meditate on and speak what you hear
You must also do what you hear
This shows that you’re part of His herd
It will also give you confidence, ward off fear.
And as you do, you will bear more fruit.

Bearing fruit for Him is being successful
Being dependent on Him is being successful
So also is being obedient to Him
As is being totally sold-out to Him.
He is Lord of all not just Saviour
He calls the shots. He begins and He ends.

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Re: Recipe For Success ( poem)

Post  WARRIOR on Thu 16 Dec 2010, 5:36 pm

I Agree flower Amen


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