Prayer of Love for Love

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Prayer of Love for Love

Post  fennywest on Wed 22 Dec 2010, 9:12 am

Greatest treatise in love
Sounded, was sandwiched
Between the gifts
And their operation
A bridge, an anchor
A foundation of
mammoth importance.

Without love
As a motivation
The gifts will be
Simply meaningless
Shadows, far from substance
Hot air, a big joke
A yoke, of no value
Noise and empty
Playing Church.

So let us Pray:

Lord, teach me to love-
Not in words, but in deed
Open my eyes to see
Love, as not a feeling
But as a decision
A deliberate divine action.

Patient with those who irritate;
Knowing that you were patient with me
Patient when I have to wait
Knowing that patience
Pays fine, develops
Character, gives a great value
And a great yield.

Teach me to be kind
Generous, reflecting you
Going the extra mile
To bring a smile
Self-sacrificing for Your Name’s sake.

O that I will not jealous of others
Who have what I don’t have;
Who have gone ahead in life
May I not despair of life.

May I know, that I know
That I have all that I need
And that You have a good plan for me;
That you love me
With an everlasting love;
That my times are in Your hands.

May I not boast in myself
But boast in You;
Your goodness, benevolence
Your power and love.

Teach me, Lord,
Not to be proud or rude;
But to know that pride
Goes before a fall
And rudeness is simply crudeness
Ungodliness and of the night.

Help me, Lord
To rise above wrongs;
Praying for those who
Wrong me, treat me with disdain
Opposes me, play me like a football.

Help me to look to You
As my Defense, my Hiding Place
My Rock and my Advocate.
Teach me to keep
No record of wrongs
But forgive and be strong
In you and live
In your mighty power.

May I never rejoice
In injustice or demand my own way,
But rejoice when truth prevails.
When you light assails.

Keep me, Lord, from being irritable,
but peaceful, useful and stable
putting others first
especially those who thirst.
May I reveal You to others,
Introduce You to others.

And when the going
Gets tough and rough,
Lord, help me to
Be tough, hoping in the best
Hoping in your unfailing love
Never losing faith
Never losing hope
Never losing love.

Teach me the agape love
Unconditional love
Love from above
Which You poured
So abundantly in my heart
May it ooze out when squeezed
Giving you glory and praise.

Empower me, Lord, to love
Just like You loved.
Walk as You walked
Reach out as You reached out
Touch as You touched
Heal as You healed
Share the Good News as You did.

May I go from glory to glory,
from strength to strength
and from faith to faith
In Jesus’ Name Amen.
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