Prayer Of Revival

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Prayer Of Revival

Post  WARRIOR on Mon 03 Jan 2011, 5:43 pm

Waxed thick with fat and laziness of heart
Is this nation of excess and waste
While others beg for want
Starve for a crumb that we toss ~
Have we forgotten to appreciate things?
We place such disregard on gifts given
Sell them off or throw them away
No respect for the giver or the toil
Put into the making and giving of the gift ~
Do we not treat each other in the same way?
How we disrespect others and their estate
Rather we are always looking beyond
What we have in front of us ~
Their eyes of hell are never satisfied
Neither is the belly of hell who
Wants to take out of the mouths of others ~
You cannot give anything to others
For they will destroy, misuse or discard
You can only give what truly matters
Prayers to lift that soul out of the mire
To set their feet on the rock of Christ ~
We shall find peace with less
Happiness with contentment
Gratitude with realizing want ~
Our hearts need to be circumcised
To break up our fallow ground
So the word can bring forth fruit
Otherwise everything will fall flat
On ears and heart that flat lined ~
Fat drowns, leanness revives
And sorrow is but a prayer of revival

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