If You Look at the Method…

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If You Look at the Method…

Post  fennywest on Fri 27 May 2011, 2:52 pm

If you look at the method
You may be mad and miss your miracle
So throw decorum and dignity aside
Take a leaf from Bartimaeus
Go with a heart opened wide
Let your focus be on Jesus
And whatever He says, do it.

Mary was wise when she said this.
It was ridiculous filling pots with water
When wine waned and had run out, .
But that was what the Master said.
He knew the end from the beginning
And as they obeyed the ridiculous
They obtained the miraculous.

She was broke, busted and disgusted
Getting ready to eat her last meal and die,
But the prophet comes and says
‘Make me some food first.’
How insensitive and greedy it seemed.
But when she obeyed, the miracle came.

They were blind and came for healing.
Next minute Jesus spat on the floor,
And then was mixing spit with dirt;
Soon He had a paste He wanted to use;
Where? On the eyes of the blind.
How gross! How ridiculous!

But the men were wise not to refuse.
They gladly obliged.
Yet this was not all.
They were asked to go with the clay
And wash in the Pool of Siloam
Everybody will see them going with the mud
They may be the laughing stock,
Mocked as they went.
But they obeyed, did the ridiculous
and were healed.

Lazarus was so sick, almost dying
Jesus was notified
But he decided to take His time
He delayed until Lazarus was dead
And after for four days, He showed up
When Lazarus was buried and now stank.
What hope was there?
But Jesus asked: ‘Where have you laid him?’
Martha told Him: ‘’Forget it. It is too late.
If you had come earlier
We could understand.’’
Jesus is shown the tomb
‘Wait a minute, Jesus
‘Why do you want to rub it in?
‘We’re grieving.
‘Why do you want to make matter worse?
‘Why not leave us to mourn our dead properly.’

But Jesus insists and thundered:
‘Roll away the stone!
Did I not say, “If you only believe
you will see the glory of God?”
‘Lazarus, come out!’
And Lazarus, came out
Still bound in grave clothes,
Set free yet struggling
(Like most of us)
Jesus commanded: ‘Lose him and let him go!’
They did and Lazarus was totally set free,
set free for freedom.
The miracle came even from the ridiculous.

Despite the incredible anointing
When Jesus went to His hometown
He was limited because they frowned.
They were offended, too familiar
Cynical, assuming, unbelieving;
God’s power was hindered,
Short-circuited, limited, diluted.

So go with humility
Go with an open heart
Go with no preconditions
Go believing that your Day has come
Go with assurance that
Jesus will be there to meet with you,
And whatever He says, do it!

Anointing that is not acknowledged
Cannot be accessed.
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Re: If You Look at the Method…

Post  WARRIOR on Tue 07 Jun 2011, 4:05 pm

I liked this Fenny. It showed the obedience no matter what we may think. And with it
comes the reward. Beautifully expressed! Blessings.

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