Beginning of the End is not the End.

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Beginning of the End is not the End.

Post  fennywest on Sun 05 Jun 2011, 4:07 pm

Beginning of the End
Turning of the Tide
Was not the end
But curtailment of the stride-
The march of a fiend
With a colossal pride
For world domination.

June 6 nineteen forty-four
Allied Forces came fortified
Normandy saw a day
She would never forget
It was a D-Day landing
Like an eagle landing
It happened overnight
In a blitzkrieg, twinkling of an eye
Hitler was taken by surprise
Führer could go no further
As his tide of tyranny began to ebb.
As they mustered all their might.
To spell the Beginning of the End.

The Nazis had a rude awakening
Clobbered by 5000 ships
Cornered by 11000 planes
Cocooned marooned by over150,000
Gallant, valiant, adamant men
With the aid of Operation Glimmer
Distraction came sooner
And Operation Overlord
Had her just reward
Stemming the march
Of Nazi’s deadly dream
Of hegemony and tyranny.

But it was not the end
Only the beginning of the end
They had to stay focused
set their faces like a flint
hold the fort as they fought
Oh how they took some hard knocks
made great sacrifices, casualties
at the altars of Okinawa and Iwo Jima
in the Pacific theatre of war.

May 1, 2011 saw another Normandy landing
on the beaches Al-Qaeda in Pakistan
It was such a significant turning point of the tide
- the tide against the threat of terrorism
The free world breathed a sigh of relief
But cautious optimism has been urged
As they must have during the
D-Day landing, to see the job done
So we must remain resolute
Vigilant, non-complacent in this war.

Similarly in our individual and national lives,
There will be moments of the turning of the tide
After much tyranny of deprivation, devastation
Oppression, repression, stagnation and retrogression
And why not? After all, it is not written:
‘Weeping may endure for the night
‘But joy commeth in the morning’?
The righteous may fall seven times
but he rises again.’
Stand still and see your salvation!
After all, after Friday, Sunday came

But we must remain resolute
Even when our resilience is tested sore
When the mountains are tossed into the sea
When tsunamis and tornadoes surge around us;
When the sea begins to roar and convulse;
When the Okinawas and Iwo Jimas come
Because the enemy knows his days are numbered
Let us be unflinching, uncompromising
And hold on with bull-dog tenacity
Until we enter the Promised City-
City of felicity, City of Freedom
The Promised land-
flowing with milk and honey.

The Church of Jesus Christ-
The Ecclesia- called out ones
Must know even in these end-times
It is the Beginning of the end
Despite the distracting wrong prediction
Of Harold and cohorts
That the adversary will do all he can to distract
Detract, divert, diverge, dislocate visions.
He will play his Operation Glimmer card
He will do his utmost to do his worst damage
Like Okinawa and Iwo Jima
Because he knows the time is short
We must be wise and walk worthy of our calling
To make that calling an election sure.
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Re: Beginning of the End is not the End.

Post  WARRIOR on Tue 07 Jun 2011, 4:09 pm

For all those who are called in Yahshua the Messiah will go through persecution for their faith. They will go through hardships, but count it all joy. For we are not alone, He goes before us and with us... Helping us through to the other side. I loved the tribute that you payed in this to all those who have suffered and are continuing to suffer. You have written from a heart of compassion... Blessings Fenny ~

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