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Excellent One

Post  fennywest on Wed 29 Jun 2011, 3:37 pm

Excellent One
The magnificent one
Ever present, Pre-eminent one
Victorious, Glorious
Gracious, righteous
Faithful, Merciful one
All powerful , Wonderful
loyal , royal

Thou excellent One
Thou magnificent one

CH: Come receive the praise of your own
Come receive our due
Come receive the praise of your own, O Lord

Ever-present, One
Pre-eminent one

Ch: Come receive the praise of your own
Come receive our due
Come receive the praise of your own, O Lord

Victorious One,
Glorious One
Speak: You are the mighty
mighty God , God of Gods
awesome fearsome
Lord of Lords, God Son
King of kings God’s Son
Precious one Gracious,
Gorgeous, fabulous
Great and Marvellous

Comforter Teacher
Advocate , Paraclete

Redeemer, My Maker
Majesty , Almighty
speak: all-knowing
Best of all, Lord of all
Rock Higher than I apple of my eyes
The Great I Am, I Am That I Am
Self existent,
pre existent,

My Lord, My Love
Bright Morning Star, Lion of Judah
Healer, Shelter ,Provider,
Immanent Omnipresent,

Omnipotent ,
Unchanging but changes things
Sovereign, Who reigns, over all;
in whose hands are the reins of heaven and earth
the Lord , the Lord God, merciful and gracious,
extraordinarily patient, and abundant in goodness and in truth
Refuge, Eternal Rock, Ancient of Days,

Day Spring of Life
the Way, the Truth and the Life

Giver of life, Beautiful
Holy , Lord of Glory, King of Glory
Deliverer, Strenghtner, Buckler
Horn of salvation, High Tower
Ransom, my Sacrifice
Good Shepherd
Faithful and True,
Bread of Life,
Branch of Righteousness,
Alpha and Omega,
The Anointed One,
Author and Finisher of my Faith,
The Chief Corner Stone,
Captain of salvation.

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