It's a Journey

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It's a Journey

Post  fennywest on Sun 07 Aug 2011, 7:44 pm

Itís a Journey

With the passage of time
The child enters adolescence
And then into his youth
Progressing to a young adult
In the fullness of time
he becomes a MAN
What a journey!
The changes at
different stages
Bring maturity
The experiences
are teachers
and shapers and mid-wives
birthing responsibility
accountability, humility,
purity, robustness. gentleness, kindness, faith, leadership
excellence, patience, peace profound and parenthood.
en route the promised Land Pharaoh will pursue
Goliath will rise up and challenge Your advance
As you get closer you will see other giants like the children of Anak
Donít let them intimidate you. They will be bread to you
If the Lord is with you.
Have the spirit of Joshua and Caleb
To believe God in the face of odds
Above all have the fullness
of the Holy Spirit. He is God
and Godís agent of change
. He will oil the engine
of change in your
exit and entry points.
He will direct, comfort,
counsel, teach, standby,
intercede, strengthen,
reveal things to come,
give you the equipment
of the gifts of the spirit, guide
and anoint you to give you
a cutting edge, a tonic, a fillip.
You have to retreat to advance
like the Lord Jesus Christ.
and you will come out
in the power of the Spirit
energised to enter
and occupy
until He comes.
What a journey!


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