Give it All You’ve Got! (2)

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Give it All You’ve Got! (2)

Post  fennywest on Thu 08 Sep 2011, 3:01 pm

Refuse to relent
You’re not a maggot
Take strength, heaven-sent
And you will tower and soar
Like an eagle with a new coat.

Give it All You’ve Got!
Press on, child of God
Pray without ceasing
Lay aside the weight
Push until you win.

Give it All You’ve Got!
You have what it takes
God is on your side
Rise Now from slumber
Take the bull by the horn.

Give it All You’ve Got!
The end is in sight
Refuse distraction
Set your face as a flint
Sail, assail, you will not fail.

Give it All You’ve Got!
Others have, you to can
Encourage yourself
You’ve come a long way
This is no time to quit.

Give it All You’ve Got, I say!
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