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Dreams Direct Diet

Post  fennywest on Sat 24 Sep 2011, 8:57 am

1. Dreams can come from God, man or the devil.
2. It is wise to distinguish the dreams from people (their expectations) and the devilís dream for you (to distract you) and Godís dream for you (the best), so that you donít waste your time pursuing the wind or a shadow. ( Neh6:1-3, Luke 4:1-10)
3. There is unique assignment for you and for me. ( Gen:50:15)
4. Our dreams are for the enrichment of others, not ourselves.( Gen50:15)
5. Godís Provision power and protection come in the place of our vision. (Neh1)
6. God has wired and equipped you sufficiently for the fulfilment of your assignment. However you may still need some formal training (not always) but certainly, practical or experiential training to hone and sharpen your gift. You need to be open and flexible to allow this to happen.
( Ps139:1-14, Eph2:10)
7. Your dream is your calling and is different from your career. It is the purpose of your being.
8. If you donít know your dream you need to seek Godís face. Know Him intimately so that He can reveal your dream to you.( john3:3,8,Jer9:23-24, Phil3:10-14)
9. God and creation are waiting for you to manifest through your dream (Rom8:19).
10. The best present you can give to God, for the best He gave to you- Jesus- is to find your dream and fulfil it. (Neh.6:15)
11. When purpose is not known, it can be abused or unused or wasted.
12. Purpose not pursued with passion is purpose postponed.
13. Only you can faithfully and fully fulfil your vision.
14. When your vision is not fulfilled the world is left poorer.
15. When you fulfil your purpose, assignment or dream, God has great pleasure and is glorified. ( John17:4 2Tim4:7)
16. Delay dashes and deals death to dreams.
17. You donít need a lot of resources to fulfil your dream.
18. Every dream starts small, so do not despise the day of small beginnings. Start from where you are, with whom youíre with and with what you have in your hands, no matter how small or insignificant.
19. You donít have to sleep to have a dream. Your eyes can be wide open.
20. Life lived without a dream is a wasted life. (Judges 16:30)
21. True fulfilment in life comes from finding, facing, focusing on, and finishing with finesse that God-given assignment. (Neh6:15, 1Chro.28:20, 2Chro5:1,2Chro7:11, Ezra6:15)
22. When you have found your dream, discover yourself-your endowment for the fulfilment of the dream. Develop (hone, prune sharpen) your gift and then deploy it to fulfil your dream.
23. God declares the end from the beginning. But there is a waiting or processing time. His timing is important. Aim not to run ahead of God or drag you feet behind Him. Moses ran ahead of God and had to be put on hold for forty years.
24. We need to look for our dreams from God.
25. Your God-given dream will fuel you with passion, drive, energy and enthusiasm.
26. God wants us to have dreams that are big.(Eph3:20)
27. If your dream does not frighten you, it is not big enough.
28. Your dream will keep you awake at night and yet you wake up refreshed.
29. Your dream will be tested with opposition.
30. You donít abandon your dream because of opposition or ridicule.( Neh.4:1-3)
31. Your dream could incite jealousy and opposition. ( Gen37:5-11, Neh 4:1-3, Ps105:19)
32. Share your dream. Declare it proclaim it. Confess it. Confession is a step towards possession.
33. Confession without action in line with your dream is an illusion that can turn into a nightmare.
34. You need to be selective as to whom to share your dream with. (Gen37:6-11)
35. Opposition to our dreams may come from quarters we least expect. It happened to Joseph, David, Jesus, and Nehemiah. It will happen to you. ( Gen 39:6-11)
36. Opposition to a dream is not always a bad thing. It could be God Ėordained to push you into your foreordained playing field. God can use any adversity to bless or advance you, so long as you are yielded to Him. ( Gen39: 5-10,19-20)
37. Write down your dream and as you do you clarify it more and more (Hab2:2).
38. When you make help other fulfil their dreams God will make your dream come true.
39. God will not show you the details of your dream. You have to walk by faith for it to unfurl like a flower. ( Rom10:17, 2Cor5:7
40. Your patience regarding your dream will be put to the test as it was for Joseph when he pleaded with the butler not to forget him when he was released.(Gen40:14)
41. Godís timing is always best regardless of what we think. (Eccle3:1-3, Hab. 2:3, Eccl3:11)
42. Unless we go through a process, we cannot possess the promise or dream. God will use adversities to shape our character so that our charisma is not marred.( Acts 9:16)
43. We need to identify, acknowledge, motivate and embrace our dream mates.
44. It is wise to have mentors regarding your dream. These are people who have achieved what you are hoping to achieve though not necessarily the same thing. Dead people can mentor you through their works- books, writings, speech, establishments, inventions, and character legacies.
45. Your dream may have some similarity with others but it has to have something unique about it.
46. Opposition to a dream or difficulties associated with it do not negate its appointment.
(2Cor11:23ó12:10, Matt16:23 Neh 6)
47. Donít be a photocopy. Be original. God made you unique. If there are two of you, then one of you is unnecessary. Ps139:1-14
48. We need to be discerning of dream Ďstealersí, destroyers and killers and avoid them.
49. Understand the tests Joseph went through because you are likely to be tested in these areas too: Pride( Gen 37:3), Pit ( Gen37:24), Palace, Prosperity,( stewardship Gen39:2), Purity ( Gen.39:7), Prison ( Gen39:20), Position or Promotion (Gen39:22) Patience ( Gen.40:14), Prophetic (Gen41:16), Pardon (Gen50:17)
50. Satan is against your dream. He will use people against you (Neh4:1-3). Make sure you are not against your dream, because it is possible, when you do things contrary to your dream or you donít take any action in line with your dream. (Jud16:21)
51. You can be very successful in the eyes of the world and yet be a total failure in GodĎs eyes, if you have not pursued what He created you for. And what an indictment and disappointment that would be!

Not every point raised will be relevant to you or our dream.
Meditate on what you have read and pray that the Lord, by His Spirit, will magnify the areas he wants to use to speak to you today.

The path of the righteous shines ever brighter, to the full light of day. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. May you find your dream, face that dream; follow the dream passionately and finish that dream to the glory of God.
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