Sng, O Barren One

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Sng, O Barren One

Post  fennywest on Sun 02 Oct 2011, 8:02 pm

Sing, O barren one
You who did not bear fruit.
Shout, cry aloud
You who did not travail with child. X2

Ch: For more will be the children of the desolate.(more than a married wife)
For more will be the children barren.(more than a married wife) X2

Enlarge the place
Of your dwelling- your house
Stretch out, spare not
Lengthen your cord, strengthen your stakes. X2

The Lord Who remembered Hannah and Sarah,
The One Who remembered Rachel and Elizabeth will remember you.

The Lord remembered Hannah
The God Who remembered Sarah
The Great I Am Who remembered Rachel
and He will remember you.

The Lord Who David in his wanderings
Who remembered Daniel in the lion's den;
Who remembered Joseph languishing in the prison, will remember you.

The Lord Who remembered Noah, Who remembered Abraham and Sarah will not forget you.
He said, 'Shall a mother forget her sucking babe? Even if she does , I will not forget my child.' I have carved you, tattooed you, on my Palm. At the appointed time, I will come to you; the vision will not delay a single day. Your weeping will be turned into joy and dancing, and your night into day.

The Lord will remember you!
The Lord will remember me!

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