Fire that Burns Brighter-(Pilgrim's Poems 1)

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Fire that Burns Brighter-(Pilgrim's Poems 1)

Post  fennywest on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 12:49 pm

A journey through life inspire by John Bunyanís acclaimed Pilgrimís Progress. This best seller is second to the Bible, can you believe it? The author wrote it at a time of the persecution of Christians. He was sent to jail for preaching the gospel and there got the revelation and inspiration for his masterpiece.
I had read the book before and was fascinated and even wrote some poems based on the characters in the book. But recently after my pastor advised us during a sermon to read the book, I decide to read it again. I happened to find a modern day version written in plain English and started devouring it prayerfully. I prayed for some fresh insights and inspiration as I read it. And what more I happened to be working in a prison as a teacher at the time. Was it a coincidence or God-incidence?

All I know is, God did not disappoint me. Find out how!

The Fire that burns brighter
Amidst satanic mire
Is His heartís desire.
And as long as
You are divinely wired,
His angels are for you hired
To help you not to grow tired.
But to grow stronger and stronger
And your root growing
Deeper and deeper
In the field of grace.





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