Poetry Lessons- What is Poetry?

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Poetry Lessons- What is Poetry?

Post  fennywest on Fri 28 Oct 2011, 10:32 pm

What is poetry?http://www.shadowpoetry.com/resources/wip/poetry.html

The Beauty of a Poem

The beauty of a Poem,
Not in predictable rhymes,
Or in length like Mississippi;
Never in rhymes that are forced;
Or in metres unruly.

It is replete with variations,
Come from great imagination;
So buoyant, it carries you,
So sweet, your tongue you almost chewed,
And so dazzling like diamond.

The quality of a great poem,
Not staccato mixture of themes;
Or in title that does not fit;
Never lacking in similes,
Or starved of imageries.

It is adorned with good figures,
Come from experience- a great treasure.
So endearing, like bride to groom;
So cute, like tapestry in loom;
And easy in the craft manís hand.

The grace of a grand poem,
Not in structure indiscernible,
Or always dull, with no action;
Never missing a good bit,
Or boring, you to go to sleep.

It has majesty in its train,
Come from a gifted tailorís brain.
So much in time, it flows,
Like River -Easy ĖGo.
Itís so glorious, breath-taking.

The elegance of a super- poem,
Not in factual mumbo jumbo,
Or historical oddity;
Never bland or vague or odious,
Or born from plagiarism.

Has striking, lasting lustre and quality,
Come from a perfect unity and symphony;
So apt and deep, you never forget;
So tuneful, you want to sing it,
And so successful, itís a best seller

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