The Man of God and the Word of God

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The Man of God and the Word of God

Post  fennywest on Fri 04 Nov 2011, 10:30 am

The Man of God and the Word of God (Epic/didactic/free verse)

The man of God
must be married
to and adorned
with the Word.

It brings:
Inspiration, correction
Salvation, illumination,
Rejuvenation, sanctification
Creation, recreation
Promotion, instruction,
Reproduction, multiplication.

The man of God
must love, larch onto
listen to, live by
the Word of God.


Furnishes, replenishes
Cleanses, counsels
Comforts, completes
Brings brightness,
Boldness, righteousness
Gentleness, goodness.

The man of God
Must find Godís Word
A treasure beyond measure
Sweeter than honey.

Unburdens, uncovers
Covers, disease deters
Preserves, empowers
Revives, retunes
Repairs, restores
Rekindles, rewards.

The woman of God
Must warm up to
Wise-up to
the Word of God.

Opens prison doors
Severs from sin-bin
Lifts from the floor
Enables you to win.

Searches for jewels
Sweetens the saint
Saves from hell
Keeps from being faint.

The woman of God
Will be wedded
Even welded
To the Word of God.


Seasons like salt
Makes you shine
Shows you your fault
Makes you fine.

Give you a great start
Mends your heart
Makes you smart
And after Godís heart.

The man of God
Must adore Godís Word
Be bound to the word
See it as the Spiritís Sword.

Warns and warms, when cold
Makes you very bold
Your soul molds
Enables you break the mould.

Makes you strong
Gives you a song
That is long
All night long.

The Man of God
Must have a mind full
Of the dynamic Word
So anointed, so beautiful.

It is spirit and life
Truthful, powerful
Pure, sure, more
Than you think
Glorious, bounteous
Heals, seals, thrills
Fills, so wonderful.
Making one whole

It is Godís megaphone
His voice for His choice
His Broadcast channel
Divine dainty
Sumptuous sup
Heavenly delicatessen
Godís fragrance
Bringing endurance
Removing encumbrance;
Bringing excellence;
Bringing freedom
From serfdom
Bondage, rage and carnage.

To get the most of the Word
You must see it as lush
Love it, crave for, pant for it
Obey it, do it, apply it like
Medication to your wound
Pray it, eat it, build with it
Fight with it, search with it
Use it as soap to wash your soul;
See it as your mirror
Recharge your battery with it
Meditate on it daily, dutifully
Diligently and cheerfully.

Ps1:1-3,-19:7,8,9,-119:9-10,24, 54, 111,112,147 97,113,119,127,159,163;124,125,134,169;160, 162,173,16,72,113,126,110,168,166,115,105,130
45,154,156,40,164, 107,86,37,66137,Prov4:20-22
©Fenny West 2011
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