Feast, Dine, on the Word

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Feast, Dine, on the Word

Post  fennywest on Fri 04 Nov 2011, 4:44 pm

Feast, Dine, on the WordThe Man of God and the Word of God


video: now sing it with me.


the Performs in Me

Your Word my Headlight

in the Word

Your Word, a Storehouse of Treasure

live in the Word

my Word

Your Word

the Word washes away all Impurities
Letís go Treasure Hunting

Prophetic Word: I shall Open Your Graves

Word, Word, Word

the Will of God cast in His Word

the Beauty of Godís Word (1)

Prayer fuel-the Word

The Awesome Power of the Word of God
Prayer Before receiving the Word


Faith Confession of Godí Word

Hoppe Has a Word

His Word, His Will and His will is His Word

The Word of Life
the Bible: the Living Word

The Power of Applying Godís word

Agree with the Word

Godís Word

Know Him Through His Word

What the Word is to Me

Food to the soul
In Godís control
Like a gold mine
Barometer, plumb line
Water of life
Word of Hope
Word of life
Auto pilot of life
And Standard Measuring Rod
The Mind of God
He Spiritís Sword
The Perfect Law of Liberty
Medicine to the body
His Truth, His Testimony,
Like balm in Gilead
Like a great spoil after a war
Like a mirror
Strong meat to the mature
Sure, pure,
Godís Law
Book on Living
Way of Righteousness
Godís sumptuous Goodness
His covenant
Godís wisdom
His Judgement,
A great heritage and inheritance,
Wise guidance
Makes the impossible possible
Better than gold
Always right
My delight
Tested through and through
Fresh and refreshing
Godís Advance
Warning System
Compass for direction
Godís Manual for Instruction
Alight to the path
Godís heart beat
Lamp to the feet

Milk to new babe in Christ
Mind of Christ
A song in the night
His Precepts,
A safety net
His Promises
Godís pill
His will
His Word,
His Way
Good news,
For transformation
Godís Counsel
a light to the path ,
lamp to the feet
like a great spoil after a war
like a gold mine
like a mirror
water of life
compass for direction
auto pilot of life
milk to the new babe in Christ
strong meat to the mature
Godís Advance Warning System
Godís Instruction Manual
Barometer, plumb line
and Standard Measuring Rod
The Mind of God
The Sword of the Spirit
Boundless, sure, pure, perfect
The Perfect Law of Liberty
medicine to the body
like balm in Gilead
a song in the night
good news, Godís pill
a great heritage and inheritance
Godís Law, Statutes
Commandments, His Judgement
His will, His Word, His Way
His Truth, His Testimony
ordinance, His Precepts

the Living Word
The Living Word
The Son of God
The Lord, The Lord God
The Sovereign Lord
The Righteous Rod

The Bright Morning Star
The Alpha
And Omega
The Author and Finisher
The Lion of Judah

The Great I Am
The I Am That I Am
The God of Abraham
God's Precious Lamb
The Last Adam

The Pre-eminent
The Immanent
The Pre-existent

My Healer
My Provider
My Sin-Bearer
My Redeemer
The Master

My Attitude to the Word
size=18]Love it, live it, live in it.
Delight in it day and night.
Crave for it , pant for it.
Meditate on it day and night.
Cherish it, sing it, seek it.
Pray it, whine and pine for it,
Like babies would for milk.
Put it on my neck like a bracelet,
Plead my case with it.
Get lost in it, lose my self in it.
Read it, receive it, recite it, review it,
Remind myself of it.
Reflect on it , regard it as holy.
Research it, eat it, chew it, drink it,
Rejoice at it, accept it wholly and fully
Agree with it, apply it, obey it, bask in it
Embrace it, run the race of Grace with it,
Write it on the tablet of my heart pass it
Look long into it, assimilate itís truth,
Hide it in my heart, start the day with it.
Stand on it, hold on to it, esteem it,
Make much of it, make it first choice.
Ponder on, think of it always.
To be sort, desired more than gold or daily food

7.Why do I Need the Local Church?
For warmth, for fellowship amongst Godís sheep
For a sense of belonging, growing together
To ward off isolation, disillusion, lukewarmness
To supply my nutrients to the Body, to function properly
To find my identity, to let iron sharpen iron
For accountability and commitment to one another
To practise unity in the spirit, to find fulfilment
To put in practise what I have learned
To express my love for God
To practise unselfish sympathetic love
To practise interdependence and interconnectedness
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