Seek God for the City

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Seek God for the City

Post  fennywest on Sun 04 Dec 2011, 2:48 pm

Come, Lord Jesus
Visit our city
By Your Spirit
We call on You..

Come, burn off the dross
Blow away the chaff
of wickedness
godless ambition.

Come, Lord Jesus
Come, take Your place
Come and open our eyes
Come and shed your light
Come breathe on us.

Fill us with your power
Send down revival
Let these dry bones live
Give us eye salve
that we may see
our need for You
Come, Lord Jesus
Overturn the traders;
all the gamblers
and money changers
in Your sanctuary
in Your closet

Quench very strange fire
Lift us from this mire
Release us from this quagmire

Holy Spirit come and stir;
Provoke us to godliness
Wean us from unrighteousness
Come and captivate our heart
Let your will be done
and your Kingdom come

Come Comforter
Come, O Strengthener
You are the Standby
You are the Teacher
You are the Guide
Come Lord, and preside.

Spirit of Counsel Come
Spirit of Wisdom Come
Reveal areas where we are dead
wretched, naked, poor and blind.
Give us a hunger for purity
Free us from folly and fear
Free us from following the world
Teach us to walk in unity
and integrity

Keep us from the snare of the enemy
Keep us from chasing the wind.
Deliver us from worldly
excitement , entertainment and enchantment.
Call us to attention,
alertness reinforcement and discipline..

Fill us with a new zeal, unction
and passion to proclaim Your word..
Fill with compassion for the lost.
May we share the bread
we have found with the lost, hungry, dying.
O Lord, raise our dead Churches to life.
Uproot satanic citadels in Your sanctuary
Unmask the masquerade of Baal in Your house.
Grant us a new encounter with You.

O that Your braches will stay connected
with the branch and draw nutrient from the Vine, walking in the truth, walking in the light; letting Your life flow through us

Teach us to pray without ceasing
in season and out of season#
Teach us to knock and
knock until the door is opened,
seek You until You are found;
pray with boldness and importunity.

O that we will depend wholly on You,
not in Princes, houses, achievements,
Our reputation, gold or silver.

May Your word burn as fire within us
and blaze out to convict sinners
and instigate them to turn,
repent and be reconciled to You.

Jolt us from slumber, O Lord
Give us wisdom to fill our lamps
and Keep them burning

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