Theme: “About the most important thing.” Manual of aged man Averkija.

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Theme: “About the most important thing.” Manual of aged man Averkija.

Post  Vika47 on Fri 09 Dec 2011, 1:19 pm

To what we are called by the Lord? to Matthew. 6-33 “But seek first the Reign, and his righteousness, and you will have all this added.”
What for to us to search Reign? to Matthew 22-30 “for in the resurrection they do not marry but are like Angels in heaven.” Angela of a being spiritual, instead of carnal. They first clever Svety from God. It is the answer to pride claims to our spiritual academicians. Which appropriate to the person, a fate even more the higher, than Angel. Contrary to word of God, to Luka, 20-36 “And to die cannot any more for they are equal to Angela and an essence sons of God, being sons of revival.” Including Angels the primitive office spirits which are not even carriers Spirit of Divine. Remember to John 5-4 “For God’s Angel from time to time descended in a swimming bath and revolted water and who the first entered into her after water indignation, that recovered, what was we will gain illness.“ So what carrier of spirit of God’s Angel?
With them we will not argue. They are in the deformed mad condition imposed devil which has to them access through their arrogance.
So, us call in Reign to be God’s Angel in Heavens.
And what there there are no Angels? Yes, does not suffice. In a consequence of that the Lord has overthrown a Satan from heavens and “the angels who have not kept the advantage …” Testifies apostle Judah 1-6 and the Lord 10-18 “But he said to them "I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning.”
For this purpose the Lord also has created the person and his soul realised under the influence of Spirit of God in “a body spiritual“, has appointed to inherit Heavenly Spiritual Monasteries, instead of the disappeared angels. But for this purpose to the person, by a word of abbot Nikon (Sparrows) “It is necessary to pass a special way on which he could test quite on itself(himself) angrily, sufferings everyones, death, up to the end to understand that at a distance from God he will always suffer, understand that its pleasure in dialogue good luck.”
The second letter from Peter 1-3,4” as his divine power has bestowed all the conditions for life and piety upon us through awareness of him who called us by his own glory and virtue,
through which we have the precious and immense promises bestowed on us, that by these you may become sharers in divine nature, having made your escape from the ruin by desire which is in the world.”
And here a parable about the rich man and Lazare told to ourselves God, to Luka 16-19-31,
22 …the poor man died…
23 and in the world of the dead, being in tortures, heraised his eyes and saw Abraham in the distance, and Lazarus in his bosom.
24 And he called out 'Father Abraham, take pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in pain in this flame.
Ashes of the rich man have buried, and that suffers in a hell in a flame devil which by John Kronshtadsky's word “in thousand times is stronger, than terrestrial spontaneous fire!“
Here that happens to those who does not go on appointed to us God of a way, does not search for Reign, is not supervised by the Spirit of true edifying us on any true. To John, 16-13 And lives for pleasure of a flesh, as the rich man. First, the soul of the person living on a flesh, becomes the primitive slave to a flesh. Has no development on God, does not prepare for the future eternal life in heavens. In that future life to us business will be believed, the Lord prepares for it and us. Secondly, when we will understand that demons force down us on primitive life on a flesh. That we have not taken their place in Reign, and have shared with them one fate.
Look around - why at any animal so does not rage a sin, how the person? Yes because by it it is not appointed by God to inherit Heavenly Monasteries, instead of the disappeared Angels. Therefore the fallen spirits do not touch them. The main effort and the purpose of demons - to lead people astray God’s that they have not taken their place in Reign. It is clear, why them name enemies of our rescue, or it is not clear? Clearly from whom there is more than natural a crush on a sin? Besides, the made the sin strengthens everyone over us is right also the power of demons. The sin deeply starts up the roots in all being of the sinner. Demons give to the sinner "the" sight which sees things absolutely differently, than they were related by marriage the. It being represented to it in a certain charming kind. Think again! The sin has property to sadden the person, to bind hand and foot of him. Look at what power of the fallen spirits over the person abbot Nikon (Sparrows) describes in 1958:“ Demons though were saddened by falling, but have in some measure kept the angelic mind and other abilities. They have perfectly studied properties of the person, physical and mental, they have access to a body, nerves, a brain of the person; they operate and on sincere qualities and displays, always operating in harm and to death of the person. “Here that happens to those who does not go on appointed to us God of a way, does not search for Reign, is not supervised by the Spirit of true edifying us on any true.
Let's remember that Saul, to the future apostle Pavel, the Lord has told. The Acts of the apostles, 26-13,15,17,18.
when on my way I saw at midday, your majesty, a light out of the sky shine round me and those who were traveling with me, above the brightness of the sun;
And I said 'Who are you, sir? 'And the Lord said 'I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting;
rescuing you from the people and from the foreigners,
to whom I am sending you to open their eyes that they may turn from darkness to light and from Satan's power to God, that they may receive pardon of sin and a lot among those who are sanctified by faith in me.'
So address from darkness to light and from the power of a Satan to God!
Only the Lord can relieve you of bonds of a sin and from the power of a Satan in which you are, without noticing it!
The Lord can cure you. Address!
The Lord can retern you on the True way, on the way of rescue appointed Of Address!
The Lord can help you from demonic cattle to become God’s Angel. Address!
While there is still time droplet - address!
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