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Post  Vika47 on Wed 14 Dec 2011, 5:38 pm

How the soul carnal beings, let absolutely and excellently created over other terrestrial creations, on angelic similarity, is realised into the Angelic body spiritual and inherits Heavenly Monasteries?
The soul which has accepted Spirit Divine, under Its influence, gradually leaves from the carnal lusts rising on it. Apostle Peter also calls For it us: “Beloved! I ask you as newcomers and wanderers, to leave from the carnal lusts rising on a soul.” (I-е Peter, 2-11).
We can become “Owners the Acceptable nature, having left from corruption dominating in the world by lust.” (II-e Peter, 1-4) Imposed by demons and devil that we became demons animals, have not taken in Kingdom of Heavenly their place, and have shared with them one fate.
Efes.2-1,2 “And you, dead on crimes and your sins in which you there is no time lived, on custom of this world, at will of the prince, the commanding the air spirit operating nowadays in sons disagreement.“ Lord Jesus Christ His Victim Has expiated - “because the law of Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has released me from thesin and death law.” (Rome.8-2)
The soul which has accepted Spirit Divine, admiring in Heavenly Blissful Monasteries, has three distinctive properties:
1.) the soul, does not want to be the primitive slave to a flesh. “Poor I the person! Who will relieve me of this body [a sin and] death?” (Rim.7-24)
2.) to a shower it is not cosy in the local world “the hating I smother the in this world, will keep it in life eternal.” (From John 12-25)
3.) soul it is firm feels the immortality. “This certificate consists that God spared us life eternal, and this life in Its Son.” (I-е John, 5-11)
For us a choice: or to be put to cattle demons animals, or to a face of Angels Dominical. To be put to a face of Angels Dominical to us it is necessary to be only obedient to action of the Divine Good fortune submitted Lord Sil by all “preestablished to eternal life” (Dejan. 13-48).
For the care of the Lord of us is great. “We know that we from God and that the whole world lies in harm.
We know also that the Son Divine has come and has given us Light and Reason, yes we will know God true and yes we will be in the true Son Ego Jesus Christ. This is true God and life eternal. ”(I-e John гл.5 item 19,20)
(From lectures of aged man Averkija.)
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