Theme: How to escape. Manual of aged man Averkija.

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Theme: How to escape. Manual of aged man Averkija.

Post  Vika47 on Fri 16 Dec 2011, 6:03 pm

Very difficult question. And to answer it it is necessary very shortly. Who really wants to escape, obey. I will furnish here not the proofs, but only to what we are learnt by God Scriptus words. From onions 2-40 Baby increased and became stronger spirit, being executed by knowledge, and the good fortune of Bozhija was on It.
This parallel increase on fleshes and strengthening by spirit on God goes at us at the beginning lives when we still have children's angelic cleanliness, that is cleanliness on God. That to us occurs further and why we appear in so spoilt position.
The life 4-6,7 ”also has told the Lord [God] of Kainu: … at doors the sin lies; it attracts you to itself (himself), but you dominate over it.” This reception of education by God of the person is not changeable for all history of mankind.
And the more we sin, the the big power and the right This growing power and the right over us have over us demons. Demons passes and to our children - known continuity of a sin.
And here there has come such time about which it is told in the Writing. Rome.8-3 “as the law weakened by a flesh, was powerless, God has sent The Son in similarity of a flesh sinful to a victim for a sin and has condemned a sin in a flesh.”
Rome.6-3. “Really do not know, what all of us christened in Christ Jesus, in Its death were christened?“
Rome.6-6. ”Knowing that shabby our person is crucified with It, that the body sinful has been abolished not to be already slaves to a sin;“
Strange the situation turns out - living in a flesh, we should not live on a flesh. (I will short answer what say that we live on a flesh for a continuation of the family. For a continuation of the family it is enough to be once in a year. Also it is not necessary беснование to justify the a sin a continuation of the family.)
Besides, it becomes the Lord together with belief in the Christ and Its Doctrine the rescue only stipulation.
Believing in Jesus Christ, the comprehended Its Doctrine, gradually comes to understanding that other way of the rescue specified by God, no. Shock, stress, a hysterics comes. Cry the multiweek. A flour. Concepts come that all expectations, hopes and claims to live happy life on a flesh, it is necessary to bury.
“But those who, Christ's, have crucified a flesh with passions and lusts”. Галатам, 5-24
The pure, clear, saving thought from Spirit of True comes that life on a flesh leads to a soul devastation.
From here revival begins. Here it also is the present “a christening in Its death”. Duha Bozhija acceptance, full submission to Its Manuals. Obey to action of God of good fortune. Soul growth on God. Realisation “bodies sincere” in “a body spiritual” I-е Barks. 15-44. Preparation for the future eternal life in Heavens. I urge you to obey Spirit of True.
From John 14-23. Jesus has told to it in the answer: who loves Me, that will observe My word; and My Father will love it, and we will come to it and a monastery at it we will create.
From John 14-26 Comforter, the Spirit Sacred Which will be sent by the Father to My name, will teach you to all and will remind you everything that I spoke to you.
From John 15-26 When the Comforter Whom I will send you from the Father, Spirit of true Which from the Father proceeds will come, It will testify to Me;
From John 16-13 When It will come, Spirit of true will set you on any true: for not from Itself will speak, but will say that will hear, and the future will announce to you. Аминь.
P.S. I ask to be in earnest about messages of aged man Averkija. It directs the last efforts to help us to escape. Its each message can appear the last. Be attentive to its desire to you to help.
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