It was a Year: 2011 in Review

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It was a Year: 2011 in Review

Post  fennywest on Mon 02 Jan 2012, 11:58 am

2011 in Review

It was a year:
Many mountains
Violent valleys
Sing a New Song
Blared out
Strode out
Met a wall
That was tall.

Launched into the deep
No fish found
Vacuum greeted boat
But retained my coat
Dusted myself
Kept pressing on.
Looking to the Son
Faithful Sun

Then was bout
Marooned, cocooned
After festoon.
Darkness, drought
Financial fight
Plight and flight
Hell unleashed
Went to Egypt
Saw Arab spring
Then the great pit
Before the place of spring.

Miraculous via ridiculous

Dug out pit
With the shovel of Grace
Retreated to advance
There refilled
With divine treat
After retreat
Soul refreshed
In divine well
Carried by Holy Wind

Then Earth Suit attacked
Physician came
Then Great Physician overruled
No clue found
Declared sound
No evidence seen
Given bill: clean
Grace came just in time
To breathe an new life

Poetic prowess
Appeared a redress
Amidst distress
Bilinguals came too
After the dearth
Gain from pain
Strain and restrain

Videos also greeted
Walk of purpose

Scholar graduated
College called.
Manna manifested.

Darkness came too
On black Friday
After London looters
But shielded in the Rock.

It was a year!

So I will praise
and give thanks
there was a price
but there was a Prize too
Glory be to God!

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