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No Goals , No Go!

Post  fennywest on Tue 03 Jan 2012, 8:22 am

No Goals,
No Go
No godly Ambition
No Progression
No Vision
No Promotion
No Strategy
No Victory.

No Propagation
No Salvation
Low Compassion
Low Conversion.
Low Love
No Move.

No Assignment
or Commitment
No Achievement.

With No Drive
You canít Arrive
Not least thrive.

Without failure
You cannot Succeed

If you donít step on water
You canít walk on water.

Faith goes
Amidst Throes
And even Woes.

Faith trusts
It will not rust.

Faith fights
Goes beyond sight

If you remain in the boat
You cannot get Godís Coat

If you aim at nothing
Youíll sure hit it: Nothing!

If you have not failed
You have not sailed.

Your fear of failure
Mortgages your future.

So this year
Do not fear
Jehovah is near.
Advance and rise
Against any demise
Reach out more
Youíll Achieve more.

Go, go, go!
Score goals
with your goals!
with God.

©Fenny West 2012

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