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It hurts. It hurts to write about, but I have to.
In chapter 4 according to St. Luke in clause 25-30 it is said :
Amen I say unto you: there were a lot of widows in Israel in the time of Elijah, when the Heaven had been shut for 3 years and 6 months, thus the great hunger settled over across the country,
and to no one of them Elijah had been sent, but only to the widow in Zarephath;
there were many lepered ones in Israel in the time of prophet Elisha , and no one of them have been purged of, except of Neumann Sirijahnin.
Had heard this, everyone was filled with wrath in synagogue,
and had stood up, threw out His neck and crop from town and brought Him to top of the hill, where their town was built, in order to cast Him down;
but He, passed them by, took himself of.
The Lord exhibited the facts to Judaists, which they have been unaware of, because of their prejudices about themselves. Being in wrath they wanted to kill Him, to kill the God. And what is supposed to happen with me?
Let us turn to the ancestries of Christianity. According to legend of Anthony the Great:
One day he taught publicly a lesson of healing at presence of philosophers: “ At that time possessed ones had been brought to the Venerable Anthony and ordered to come them round, he said to the philosophers: Heal them, they may listen to your philosophies, to your art and your magic; they may become afraid of attesting your Gods. If you are not be able, then stop disputing and look at the power of the Cross of the Jesus the Christ”. Said that, the Venerable Anthony crossed possessed ones with the sign of the Holy Cross three times, and at the same minute they had healed, come round and begun to confess the Lord. Philosophers were amazed and humbled for their arrogance. “Do not be astonished, - said the Anthony to them,- we do this not by our force, but with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Accept Christ by faith and you will know that our force is not an art of word, but a faith, acting with love.”
Let us mark, that Anthony the Great, Sisoes the Great, Pachomius the Great , Macarius the Great and many, many others praised the Christianity, when there was no trace of the Orthodoxy on earth.
Probably the Orthodoxy is not the point. The point is in some ability. Having such ability, splendid glorifying of Christianity was made known in Orthodoxy. But without this ability, whether that is orthodox Christians, Catholics or any other confessions – a sin is the same.” These are the people, being under delusion by heart; they have not beheld My ways”- the Lord sais. (Ps.94. 10) And what the ability is this? I will unveil it, nobody of my opponents cannot turn it against me. This is ability to connect with the God. (The 1st Cor. ch.6 art.17) And those who connects with the God is the same spirit with the God.
May people can say – there is nothing new in this, everybody knows this fact. But only those who are searching for a veracity, knows the worth of such utterance.
“Should not His spirit be the one whole in all who search for a veracity?” John of Kronshtadt. “My life is in the Christ the Savior” ed. Blago. Moscow. d/d 2006. Page.52
My devoted ones say that in book “What messenger is about?” more than 20 points stated for the first time for all human history. However not everyone can see and can hear, as is well known. But it should not be long before they stop to muddle the world.
The Orthodoxy by itself appeared only in the ninth century at defiance to roman sway. And not by a long way in order “to save a truth of the gospel for you” (Gal. ch.2 art.5)
They share the power, sheltering themselves behind benevolent intentions. You see their dispute has risen because of divergence of views of the Holy Spirit origin. This has been composed by Armenian Photius, to that time as known as Patriarch of Constantinople! The Orthodoxy is known across the globe as Photius’s heresy. That is why not only we are able to stick “heresy’s” labels, but they can be stack to us too. That is the Russian Orthodoxy. Who from befooled knows this? Tears are streaming.
In the first Book of Kings in ch. 30 one event is described, when art.1 Amalekites rounded on from the south on Sicels (David’s town) and burnt it away.
women and all who have been there….had not been mortified, but been captivated and some had gone away.
David was confused a lot, because the people wanted to beat him with stones;
but David had strengthened with hope on Lord the God.
And David asked the Lord a question, saying: “Should I drive this mass and would I catch up to them?” And the following had been said to him: “drive them, catch them and reive from them!”
And David took the road, together with six hundred ex-husbands; and they came to the river Bezer and got tired decided to stop there
and both David and four hundred of people were driving;
and David had rounded on them and stricken them from nightfall till evening of the next day
and nothing had been lost; neither small nor big one; nobody from sons nor from daughters; nothing from prey nor from everything else that Amalekites had taken from them: David brought back everything.
“Mass” evidently counted about tens of thousands. But it took twenty-four hours to eliminate. Let us ask: who was talking to David? That was certainly the Lord who had helped him in everything at one time.
Now let us turn to our history; to the time when our “holy” synod in the Name of the God blessed the war on Japan in 1904. And sustained the most ignominious defeat. A fleet was destroyed, tens of thousands of people passed away. And who has been talking with our “holy” synod?
If we are telling that we have a conversation with Him, and at the same time walking in the darkness, we are lying and acting against the veracity. (1-е St. John the Evangelist , ch.1 art.6)
If they really had had at least a drop of Holy feeling, they would have divested themselves of garment, would have burnt it on fire, sprinkled ashes upon their heads and implored forgiveness at the people on their knees. But they probably have another trainer.
Let us do a minute of silence.
And there exist thousands of such examples. But person who acknowledges will understand why we even do not want to touch on them.
Hurts, it really hurts; tears are running down.
When “holy ones” are suffered persecution, they forget about the God’s Providence, and they impute the devilry, but they even do not try to look for why the God had raised a persecution on them.
Here is a point of view of ecclesiastical writer Novoselov M.A., eye witness and contemporary of persecutions against the Church. Writings of 1923-1924. “ I think that both mind and conscience of Christian for his own sense of peace should firstly if possible digest the facts, standing before his eyes, the fact Who is Alive, Eternal and Almighty Source of any holiness, by Whom any holiness is hallowed, with all His Almightiness, is exactly all this disturbing, offending and depressing occurrence for us.
And I think that all these fervent impulses of outrage, indignation are unbecoming for the Christians”.
“ The bleak events of church life for the last years are well-known to everybody; i.e. the truth, the immediate result of prior, old-established ailment of church, the result and its finding out. There is no point to blame “outer” in happening church break-down: it is infidel sons of church nesting inside of church fence who are guilty. Discussion of malignant abscess, headed in church body long time ago, had been made by Wholesome Hand of Providence (but not by devilry of Bolsheviks).”
Hurts, it really hurts; tears are running down. Feel a pity to deceived people.
And here are “holy ones“ contemporaries for us: They serve to mammon, to power, to honor, to respect, to fame, to privileges – to all temptations of this world’s spirit, that is exactly a devil by itself. But they tell that they serve to the God. It is not a point to serve to the God in such way. If you were able to look into their souls – you would be showered over abyss. It is probably quite understandable; if the God did justice on pre-revolutionary ones – what is the next waiting for them? Only one who is zombified by them is not able to see who from “holy ones” feels the posts.
You know – this power forced by the God in order anyone could find out who are they by themselves.
Read the book “What messenger is about?” – and you will understand where the evil comes from.
Let us see where their services can lead, taking into consideration their own writings. The Orthodox miracles in the XX century. The forth edition. Moscow “Trim” 1993. There is a narrative “The God’s Mother! Save them!”
In cage named after Stalin. The priest Arsenius. He has just left the body, and seen a flesh, left by him in plank-bed. A soul comes to the Church by its gravity and from its habit, to the place where he has begun his ministration …
“While feasting the father Arsenius see that hieroschemamonk Germanus, priest Ambrose, deacon Peter and some more priests are ministering together with. Both the father Arsenius and he know everyone who is ministering with them, but in sanctuary the Masters Jonah, Anthony, Boris, his confessor and friend Master Theophilus are standing lowly at the side and looking happily at him, at father Arsenius. “Oh, Lord! – the father Arsenius just has thought – they passed away long time ago, but now are standing here.”
Blessing those who are in prayer, the father Arsenius has seen that he knows those who are standing there too. Here are his sons, and these church-people, and these ones I have met and talked to them being on pilgrimages ore cages, used to live with these people long time ago. And all of them are praying for someone and begging something. The father Arsenius has taken a look at those people and understood clearly that they are just like the Masters and priests that are ministering with him, passed away, some of them long time ago and others lately. “ The Mother of God, what is going on? “- flashed across the mind of father Arseniusbut, but had not given the answer on his own question, he saturated himself in ministering and praying.”
And it is always like this: it does not matter what the Mother of God or the Lord will say there is just a need to liturgiciate. But we try to see something from the God who is urging us to look for the Kingdom of Heaven while we are here on the earth.
Apostle Paul says (,p.24-25.) that the God who created the earth and everything that belongs to it, as being the Lord of the Heaven and the earth, does not live in men-made temples and does not need a ministering of men’s arms, because He gives life and breath to everything by Himself.
The Lord says by Himself (the Gospel St.,p.24) that the God is a pneuma and those who adore Him, should adore in pneuma and veracity.
For one who has taken a root on the earth it is hard to understand. Instead of the Kingdom of Heaven, he looks for an earthed church, and his soul is inearthed in it. That one does not go to the Kingdom of Heaven, is not “numbered with the saints.” That is exactly what daemon needs. Soul stays on the earth. Time of that one is not at the end yet. Because it is well-known that while the number of seceded angels is not full, the Lord does not come to.” That is the point of the earthed church.
And it is so hard to write about what dogmatists, spirit academicians say, but it is ought to be written about.
About resurrection: “essentially and by the basic elements resurrected bodies stay the same which they have been while living on the earth …” Isn’t it nonsense?! Ultimate composition of our body changes up to 120 times during the life … Elements, used to be ours, have become ingredients of other creatures. It is not so hard to guess who put this nonsense into their heads. But what comes after: - being made up with these elements we come in to the Pneumatic God, to the Heavenly Place of God and sit solemnly not somewhere else but … in the Inaccessible Light, where nobody but the Most Holy can be, on the right hand of God the father Almighty (I hear as kids are laughing.) It is interesting what they are going to do while being in process of developing in a such?
You see then how fleshy “pneumatic” academicians they are: to the Kingdom of Heaven and to where with it. Imputing a destiny to person higher one than Angels. Contrary to the God’s Word (from St.Luke, ch.20 p.36) they are even not able to die, because they are equal (EQUAL) to the Angels and the sons of the God, being resurrected sons.
We are asking for the help at the Holy Writ: “And ash will be returned to earth, being as its part; and pneuma will return to the God, Who created it.” (ch.12,p.7)
1st Cor. Ch.15,p.44 pneumatic body is settled in -(a soul to flesh)- pneumatic body resurrects.
That is pneumatic body that inherits the Heavenly Place of God.
2 nd Cor.Ch.5,p.1 Wherefore we know that when our earthy house, this hut will be crashed, we have tenement at the Heaven from the God, a house that is not men-made, an eternal one.
Whether you do understand or do not, “our earthy house “for mortal life will remain on earth. What a mad person should be who claims that he is going to get his earthy house to the Heaven.
If I had not understood by whom it was exhorted, I would never had known – how anyone can believe in it. We do “have tenement at the Heaven from the God, a house that is not men-made, an eternal one. “
The God’s Word is treated arrogantly at every turn: “we are right-wing, we are orthodox.”
Even if one come and address from the false scent, I will know that I wrote it for reason. Tears are overwhelming.
From the writings of hegumen Nicon (Vorobyev) to spirit children. The reprint edition. The Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra. D/d 1998. Being blessed by the Most Holy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexis II. I am writing this out for reason you may treat at least His Words seriously. D/d 1962. Page 122-123. “ Carnal people (new term – pneumatic and fleshly) are called spirit ones, who has rank of priestling, or cloistered ones…From above said we can see how mistaken it is.”
D/d 1961. Page 101 “ It is worse in case of small believing when spirit verities are regarded by fleshly “false-named” minds, it leads to “decreasing” of these verities value. Their mysteriousness, depth of heavenly wisdom is uncovered. These verities become “subjects of cross-talk”, unfamiliar for soul of learner. A believing becomes weaker and even disappears. That is why a lot of the most aculeate atheists graduated from faith schools.”
Be serious. This can explain WHY THEY ARE NOT AFRAID. D/d 1962. page.116 “Faith school gives some theoretic knowledge of Christianity. With such knowledge having quite desert title of doctor of divinity, it is possible not to believe in the Christ and even gainsay the Existence of the God. ONLY THE EXPERIENCE, REAL FELLOWSHIP WITH THE CHRIST GIVES THE REAL SEEING FAITH. D/d 1962. page139-140 “ Feeling like to stay longer in this life, from the spirit of this world. THIS SPIRIT HAS MASTERED BY ALL MANKIND. Only from side it is possible to see and to feel all confusion and fray of this spirit. There are few people now on earth who can dispose themselves of evil spirit impact. It is horrible…
Those who are impacted by evil spirit impact do not feel it and do not believe those who have already disposed from it.”
From the explanation of monk Abercius.
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