The Theme: About the free will.Monk Abercius.

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The Theme: About the free will.Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Sun 19 Feb 2012, 4:28 pm

One of church monks writes: “Confess purely and industriously, ask for the submissive spirit from God and God give it certainly”. And then as you will be submissive you will feel grace inside you. When your soul get over entirely (entirely?!), you will find the absolute peace.
And a man gets such fight the whole life.”
It was written so “you will find the absolute peace” and the next line “And a man gets such fight the whole life.” He didn’t become oblivious and pointed it not on a next page, not through 5 lines, but right away. How can we read it without the strong grief?
There are all our church carnal birkies.
Apostle Yaakov 4-7 “So submit to God; resist Devil and he run from you”.
We are surrounded by Demons. They live in the ground, water, people… They constitute our habitat. They meddle impertinently in all people’s deeds. Who will resist them according to the apostle? About what absolute rest can we speak? We are not on the heaven yet. This is the battle during all the life. The war with such rivals can be waged only very skillfully. Otherwise every act and word will be according to hostile’s will.
At another place the same apostle writes: “The God keeps freedom of man will, like the most precious gift!” This phrase is the bitterest deception.
Let’s ask the explanation from God. Deed 26-17, 18 “I save you from Judaic people and from pagans, to which I send you to open them eyes, that they appeal from darkness to light and from Satan’s power to God and that they get the absolution and destiny with consecrated people by faith in me.”
So at whose mercy are we of? Apostle Pavel said Ephesians 2-1,2 “And you, died by your offences and sins, in which you have never lived, according to custom of this world, according to the will of Prince ruling in the air, of spirit acting now in sons of resistance. ”
So who is the organizer of “the customs of this world”? In Africa or France, in Japan, India or in England, in Mexico or Oceania? By whose will live we all thousand years of the history? “by the will of the prince ruled in the air”. By the will of Satan. Demons have been in Gods almost in every nation of the world. Isaiah 1-4 “Alas people are sinful and burden by lawlessness, they are tribe of villains, disastrous sons! They left God, disdained Israeli Saint, - turn their backs.” They cognized veritable God and appeal to their gods – demons again.
A smart man will say: Christ- the Saviour came and saved us from the power of Satan. Appeal around: in what power are we?
Christian will say: God Jesus Christ save those people, who accept Christianity and convert to it. It is a mistake again. Orthodox Christian Father Superior Nikon (Vorobyev) wrote in 1962: “I want to be far away from this life, from the spirit of this world. This spirit captured all humanity. It can saw and feel the abomination and horror of this spirit. There are few people, who can free from the influence of the evil spirit.” It is horrible…
The one, who is in the incidence of this spirit, doesn’t feel it and doesn’t trust those people who became free from it.
“He captured all humanity” the Satan. And we all are witnesses of it. Too little, few people who could became free from the influence of the evil spirit.
It would be better to make those people, who appropriated key of mind to answer for it. The hellish flame is waiting for them so much. If someone would be back from there he can tell where all of you go after death. Yes, God can not take such people, that no one distorter of Christianity will avoid the hell. The worst servants of Mammona and Satan’s pride, who use hypocritical humility and Christ’s name as a cover, you are expected by more ferocious than earthly elemental fire - the Gehenna’s fire!
Let’s apply to the Truth. Apostle Pavel wrote in the epistle to Romans, 6-3,6 “Don’t you know that all of us who were christened for the sake of Jesus Christ, christened in his died?”
Article 6. Our ramshackle man was crucified with Christ to abolish a sinful body, that we will not slaves of sins;”
To Ephesians. 4-22 “you must leave the former life of ramshackle man, rotted from seductive lusts.”
Apostle Peter, the 1st of Peter, 3-21 “We will be saved by the christening It means not a washing of carnal dirtiness, but the promise of kind conscience to God. In such way we will be saved by Resurrection of Christ.”
What is the “promise of kind conscience to God?” Above all it means don’t live by the laws of flesh. Rome. 8-7 “because the carnal thoughts are the enmity against God, for they don’t submit to God’s low and can not do it.”
If you understand the Christianity not in such way, you are false Christians and it will give you nothing. There are such people who think that after christening God will care of them, fulfill their desires, secure them; help to build their hoses, to bye car and so on. We should not apply to God with our wishes and our belief.
When does a man have the God’s defence? Let’s look at the place of man in spiritual world. His appointment is to inherit of the Heavenly Monasteries instead of the fallen angels, present demons. The interest of Satan’s kingdom to people is that they don’t fill angels’ places and people’s spirits don’t rise to the God’s Kingdom. When the number of fallen angels be overfilled, their deadline expires, they will go to “the eternal fire, prepared for the devil and his angels”, said God, from Matthew 25-41. So everyone who forces us to terrestrial activity is the Satan’s servant. And it doesn’t matter if he knows it or not. Whether it is church, building or any other activity.
God call us to look for God’s Kingdom, which is “OTHER-WORDLY”. From Johann 18-36. This is our status in spiritual world. When we are obedient to Wise God’s Will and are supervised by God – we are under his defense. If a man becomes rebellious and follows his will, he looses the God’s defense and gets to the demons’ power. As you see a man can not be INDEPENDENT according to his spiritual dispensation. The freedom of will is shown in that a man chooses: life or death, God or devil. People’s responsibility is in this free election. Be responsible in your choice. It will be reflected on ALL of your relatives and loved ones.
Everything that God wants for us is the wise and only useful and we have the conformity according to God’s appointment. All the rest is deceptive, shameful. Worship for demons which, ruining you, postpones their planned eternal burning in a hell. Such is their cruelty. Be wise, for the sake of the Christ! It is said that we can not avoid our destiny. But, if we become under God’s ruling, become obedient to the Wise God’s will, we find his protection and can avoid not only our destiny, planned for us by demons through the continuity of sins, but it also can help us very much! Be wise, for the sake of the Christ!
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