The Theme: About Perfection. Monk Abercius.

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The Theme: About Perfection. Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Sun 19 Feb 2012, 4:35 pm

From the sermon of Serafim Sarovskiy: a man who has waived his will for the sake of God’s will, but didn’t waive his will in one matter, may know, that he waived nothing.

How do you think Serafim Sarovskiy said it from knowledge of life or according to his theoretical considerations? Surely he knew that the retention of own will even in the least leads to disastrous disobedience.

In my life I understood, that only full submission to the Sage God’s Will gives the possibility to the God’s Wisdom turns us from mental being to spiritual one. For “Mental man doesn’t’t get anything from God’s Spirit? Because he considers it as distraction and can not understand, because he should judge about it spiritually”. The 1st 2-14

We already write about churches and how they work. If you want to become a priest, you must accept all of churches’ dogmata. But dogmata introduced by th Satan through arrogance of carnal mind over God’s word. So if you want to be a priest, you must agree with Satan. And people agree, because otherwise they will be not permitted to serve in a church.

Even the most competent people misrepresented preaching validity of Christ’s teaching, through the acceptance of church dogmata introduced by Satan.

Johann Kronshtatskiy: “My life at the Christ”. The God’s Word there introduced from Matthew 18-20 “so where two or three men are gathered for my sake, there I am between them”. The second sentence: “Why mainly two or three people are promised the God’s copresence?” What promises?! Where so incorrectness of God’s Word from? Instantly! Then: “Because there is a church where two or three men gathered in the sake of Christ”. Lord in the Highest. The God’s Word “are gathered” is distorted to the word “gathered” and what is the worst, - it occurs even secretly from its awareness. Two or three men are distorted to any quantity. Sanctum sanctorum. Whose spirit acts in a man, when he distorts, misrepresents perverts the Holly Writings? It was said not to the blame of Johann Kronshtatskiy, it doesn’t concerns him, but for our edification.

At another place: “Not flesh and blood are inherited the God’s kingdom, but the mere and full of love to God spirit”. It is well said and in keeping with the Holy Writ . the 1st 15-50. And suddenly at another place: “About a church, religious service, about Resurrection of our flesh.” Lord in the Highest, what is it? A little baby will notice, that there is an absurdity.

A man, who doesn’t submit to the God’s Will fully, has a much of such absurdity. Here is light and there is dark. Even the most competent have the same. Someone would think from compassion, that it is not an easy thing to put it up for show. Or there is a hope that people will understand it?! This is distraction “The communion of flesh and blood”. The theocratic orthodox state. The duty of regular communion of all people. And where did it lead? It caused the most atheistic and bloody revolution from all history of the world. Come to reason! We will do a less of sins. You can become a communicant of God’s nature only through the cognition of Christ, who called us by glory and welfare. “Through the cognition” the 2nd of Petr 1-3, 4. “The God is spirit, and people, who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” From Johann, 4-24. The God convinces you himself!
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