The Theme: Why is the war on the Heaven? Monk Abercius.

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The Theme: Why is the war on the Heaven? Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Sun 04 Mar 2012, 7:18 pm

Everything has its meaning and justification of its being only in God. But who must surround God? Certainly they must be perfect beings similar to Him. The perfect being is impossible without completeness of free will similar to God. The main difficulty for beings similar to God is that they have the fullness of free will and can resist in obedience to their Creator. The failures happen. That is what you ask briefly.
Since you ask this question, try to comprehend everything, written above and resist in the Truth. Donít reason on such notions ďby fleshly mindĒ. 2-18. ďThe human mind cerebrates by associations invariably,Ē Ė said I.P. Pavlov. The human mind is so primitive. And demons make these associations as they wish. The main thing for them is that a man will not reach the Godís Truth. If everybody is inspired by one Truth, it will be not discrepancies in religion.
God says that rather the first angel Dennitsa did not resist in the truth. The Gospel from Johann 8-44. And he became Satan Ė the antagonist of God. And many angels did not resist in obedience to God were deposed from the heaven. God creates people and their soles turned to a spiritual body under the influence of Godís Spirit, sets to inherit the heavenly dwelling place instead of rejected angels. Imagine what perfect, fine effort must do a man over his soul to be the highest being similar to God. A man can not cope with such effort himself. It is possible only by the full obedience to the Godís Spirit. But it is accessible not for all people. We become conceited even if we have a little free will.
Thatís why the formation of the highest beings is so long, difficult, agonizing and filled with many failures. But the beings, passed such way, become similar to God. Is it worth to take some pains? As not only God create us, we too create us with God through the comprehending of what God wants from us.
This way is the only designated for us by God. There are NO any other ways of the formation of the highest beings. Do you remember what did professors answer, who gave communion of blood, when you asked them about the Truth of Godís Heaven? Did you understand their level? The Satan succeeds decelerating the humanity in development according to God. It is nice that we are designated to the highest beings similar to God. But what the way of development must we pass for it? Look at the all humanity, all religions of the world. What do they engage in? They make demons laugh.
You did one movement in development of soul according to God and receive evidence that without Godís protection and comprehension we can not follow the way.
But people can get these protection and comprehension only when God see their readiness to the complete obedience.
If only people would answer to the affect of Godís Spirit. They would understand who their teacher is. As the Christianity is 2000 years. When will the awakening come?
The awakening from delusions will come inevitably. The God witnesses about it. Unfortunately it will come for many people like for a rich man in the hell.
Letís God will help you to make it out. Amen!
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