The theme: The answer about the God’s being. Monk Abercius.

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The theme: The answer about the God’s being. Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Sat 10 Mar 2012, 6:56 pm

Why can nobody reach the truth during 2000 years? After showing the theme: “How can we become the communicants of the God’s being?” By elder Averkiy. This question has no answer. We have many of such questions. We address to the elder.
This is his answer: All mental qualities of a man are perverted by degradation. Especially demons pervert our “I”. This perversion is not noticed by many people till the end of their life.
For many people this perverted “I” is the measure of everything the whole life.
Perverting our “I” demons add “their” qualities to it. They add pride, which sets “I” to the main place in the world. Reading comments of other people, not only to my messages, I saw that the main thing for them is to point their “I” on the 1st place. How is difficult for unpretentious man “to take the love of truth for his escape” II 2-10.
In order that to get Truth, we need waive our “I”. Therefore God demand: “reject yourself”, from Makar 8-34.
Especially the transmissibility by demons is seen on the church teachers. In some such teachers the freedom of pride display is given for demons, they literally smell by demons. Very pity that not all people can understand it. It is clear where it can lead. Apprehend them. Why does it happen? Because a man indulges his pride, but doesn’t struggle with it.
The property of God’s Word is so – as take, read, but the Truth is kept under wraps. The Whole Writ is God-inspired, as accordingly it is comprehended by God’s Spirit, but not by flesh mind. To gift of comprehension is necessary the gift of interpretation “by that Spirit” I. 12-8
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