Sons and Daughters

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Sons and Daughters

Post  fennywest on Sun 11 Mar 2012, 4:37 pm

Sons and daughters
of Kingdom Arena
Wherever you are
I call you forth
From the north; from the South;
From the East and from the West.

Hear the hissing and whistling;
Hear the Trumpet of the Good news;
Hear the trumpet  and clarion call
Of the Most high God.

Begin to gravitate
to the banqueting table
To your Promised Land
No more delay
No more procrastination
Come into the Way

The table is all set
For the divine sumptuous sup.
but your seats are empty.
Your seats are yawning
Hungry to be filled
While you languish in prison.

Summer  is passing by
Yet you are not saved?
Dinner is getting cold
Yet you are famished
empty, malnourished?
What will it take to jolt you
from your indifference?
What will it take wake you up
from slumber, apathy, lukewarm?

This is your Day of salvation
This is your Day of Deliverance
This is your Day of Redemption
The Day of your song and dance.

Come out of your nooks and cranny!
Rise out of the snare of the enemy!
Take the sceptre of deliverance
Rejoice in the Day of your Remembrance.

Take this glorious opportunity
Hear the Voice of the Father
Hear the Voice of the Son
Hear the Voice of the Spirit.

Wake thou sleepest!
Awake from the dead.
Sons and daughter
of Kingdom Arena
Christ- the resurrection
and the Life is here
To give you life and light.

Zechariah 10:8-9
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

8I will signal them with a whistle
     and gather them because I have reclaimed them.
        They will be as numerous as they have ever been.
9Although I have scattered them among the nations,
     they will remember me even in faraway places.
        They will live with their children and then return.;action=display;num=1330630980;start=0#0
©Fenny West 2012
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