I was homeless

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I was homeless

Post  fennywest on Sat 17 Mar 2012, 2:20 am

I Was Homeless and You Took Me In
Blown across the Irish Sea from the UK following an immigration problem, I sought solace and refuge in the Republic of Ireland.

I soon discovered the Aliens Office (their equivalent of the Home Office), was no soft-touch. Once they discovered I had been told to leave the UK, for working without work permit, I was told to leave within seven days.

Approaching some solicitor, an appeal was lodged against the decision.
Pending the outcome of the decision, I was warned to ensure I did not work.

Fortunately, I had a generous sponsor from England (a man of God), that had undertaken financial responsibility for me even while in England, fighting the refusal of leave to stay in the UK.

So I commenced studying for my professional accountancy course.
After about one year, the sponsorship ceased but God raised various people in the land to sustain me for almost 8 years.

Meanwhile, I heard nothing from the Aliens office for 5years during which period I was able to make progress to the final stage of the course. I then felt prompted to go back to the Aliens Office, not only to regularise my stay but to also seek work permit to enable me gain some practical experience necessary in the finals.

This set the ball rolling again. First of all, they were surprised that I was still in the land. Secondly, they could not believe that I was now asking for a work-permit.
Thankfully, I had some sympathetic Irish friends who wrote in the papers about my plight and arranged an intervention by a TD (MP). The Nigerian Embassy also got involved and made an appeal on my behalf.

This was how God turned the situation around.

It was not an easy road. I had on trust God on a daily basis. Within the 8years I lived in 10 different addresses. There were times when I was an au pair, and at another time I was a caretaker of the house of some one who was in prison. At other times I lived rent- free in some places. And when I had to pay rent, I remember how God raised someone to pay the rent for one year. My house was broken into at one point and my guitar and harmonicas and some money were stolen. I was so down-hearted, I wanted to return to my homeland.

Again my sojourn took me to various parts of Ireland with my guitar, witnessing, singing to encourage others; and as I did, I was also encouraged to keep trusting God for a breakthrough. In my valley of trials and furnace of affliction God birthed songs and poems numbering hundreds. The trials also deepened my relationship and intimacy with Him. He also opened a door for me to preach in a fellowship in Ashford, county Wicklow, for about 5years. This fellowship still remembers me after over16 years of leaving the Irish shores, sending me financial aid every Christmas ‘…for the work of the Lord’ Our God is an awesome God!

God is wonderful. He is no man’s debtor. He moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Those who put their trust in Him will never be put to shame. I thank Him for all those who responded to His promptings to reach out and touch me then. They have an investment in my life. And the dividend will accrue to them and their children and children’s children. One day they will hear: ‘Well done thou good and faithful servant. I was hungry and you fed Me. I was homeless and you took me in. I was in Ireland wandering and you reached out and touched Me.

Before leaving England for Ireland, the Lord gave me a word which I held onto.

'I will protect you, provide for you in the strange place you are going to and I will bring you back…’

And for a long time it seemed as if it will not come to pass, but eventually it happened. That is another fascinating story for another day.

Glory be to God!

That is the God we serve.

Are you currently going through a trial? If so, put your hope in God. Take it to Him in prayer. Give your life to Him and let Him take charge. I am not promising you a trouble -free life but you can be rest assured that whatever He allows will be for your ultimate good. He will use troubles to build you up and give you testimonies and you will be able to see your circumstance from a divine perspective. And that will keep you going from strength to strength and faith to faith and from glory.

Now sing the Tribute Song with me
Light the Fire again!
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