The Theme: The Liberation .Monk Abercius.

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The Theme: The Liberation .Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Wed 21 Mar 2012, 5:56 pm

The Gospel from Johann 3-31 “The one who comes from heaven is the highest; and who leaves on earth – act and say as earthly one”.
Here is the quote from the letter of Father Superior Nikolay Vorobyev 1960. “When Jesus Christos began to speak about the bread of life after satiation of five thousand people, many of them moved away from him, because could not get His words. They did honestly. Their fleshly comprehension could not rise to the Truth’s Spirit. But Judas did not leave Jesus, because he carried the case with money and use them for himself. He hoped for the most”.
Do you understand about what we speak here? Are you surprised by divergence between the fleshly comprehension and the Truth’s Spirit? The science explains that. For example, Sherrington considered that mechanisms of brain are actuated by the “mental principle”, which is placed out of man’s body. And this principle is the inner man, which after leaving a body has all psychical abilities. The modern science knows hundreds thousands facts, when these unexpected pictures make a shock inside a man, because he see himself from the side for the first time. And he finds that all his usual abilities – to see, to hear, to think, to feel and so on continue to act normally, but now quite independently from his outer cover. Innate blinds can see, legless are with legs, morons are normal people. Setting free from unhealthy body’s’ structures, inner man see, hear and understand all.
Now let’s look at this from the side of humanity deception. A fleshly outer earthly man is from earth and he doesn’t want to the heaven. But our church teachers forced him to the heaven, perverting all laws of nature and God-Spirit. The famous church dogma is about “the restoration of holistic man”. It is the arrogance over laws of nature and God. It is difficult to guess about who got this dogma to a church? Surely it was the Satan. It is painful and difficult to admit, but to get free from delusions is better here than in the hell
Fleshly sages feed this dogma by the fact that Christos revives by body: he ate, showed holes. First of all we remind that 1st of Petr 3-18: “Because even Christos to bring us to God once suffered for our sills, saint for unrighteous people, his flesh was killed, but his spirit revived.”
If you don’t know, so let’s cognize – the spiritual creative body. Johann Kronshtadtskiy wrote about it in such way: “If bodiless angels can get not spectral, but true body, have got an ability for it from God, so with what convenience can God create a body for himself? – We can say that to any animate being is peculiar creation according to the gift of God-Spirit Creator. ” “My live in Christ” publisher Blago 2006, page 211.
If so man as Foma need holes or to eat to be sure that this is Christos: here are the body with holes and that can eat. But this body is free and goes through walls and closed doors. Because for the spiritual body, material bars are spectral, but not the body is spectral.
Let’s free from delusions. Don’t argue with me, but reach for True Spirit, so we will have no arguments. And don’t concede your antagonists, the apostle Pavel calls us. Don’t pay attention to their fleshly thinking. We can not tear them away from flesh. Know that if the reliever comes to you, - the time is extreme for you.
May God helps you to save yourself!
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