He Never Fails

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He Never Fails

Post  fennywest on Fri 23 Mar 2012, 9:05 pm

He never fails.
He will always assail.
His word will prevail.
His will, will not pale.
It shall not trail;
Cannot be derailed.

He lives in me;
Empowers me;
Propels me;
From glory to glory;
Strength to strength ;
Faith to faith.

His blood speaks
For those who are weak
Who, His face seek.
He makes them strong
At night gives them songs-
Songs of deliverance
Songs of Remembrance
Which make them dance.

So I shall not cower,
But rather tower;
In the mighty name;
Ever the same-
The powerful name;
The matchless name
Of Jesus Christ-
The Son of the Living God.



©Fenny West 2012


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