SMART-The Word level1a

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SMART-The Word level1a

Post  fennywest on Sat 24 Mar 2012, 10:57 pm

Scripture Memorisation and Reference Tree
This is a kit designed to help those who want to memorise the scriptures. It will be in three levels:
On Level 1 you would have a theme or topic with ten scriptures relating to that topic.
There will be variants of that level and on that topic for bonuses.
Level two will consist of couplets of scriptures in the relevant theme to be memorised together.

Level three will consist of three scriptures or more relating top that topic in each reference for that topic.
You need to pace yourself to memorise them.
or level three, if you can memorise the reference only , that will be a good start.

First know the references and then start memorising them.

Declare the reference before and after reciting the verse you have memorised.

You will see the reference and then the link to the set of verses of the scriptures.
Initially you can look at the reference and then go to the link for the text.
After memorising it, go to the reference and try your memory, then go to the text to see how you did.
There will also be another link to the scriptures without the references. See if you can give the appropriate reference to each scripture.

Make a not of the phrases you are forgetting so that you get it right next time round.
You are encouraged to look do it daily, then weekly, then monthly for each topic. Make a note of the scriptures you have mastered and review them monthly.
Gradually, increase your bank of scriptures memorised and make a good note of them. Get someone to test you.

Pray before you do and the Holy Spirit will help you.

You can also attempt writing down the verse you have memorised and comparing them to the correct text. Underline the phrase you get wrong. You can also put the reference, then the text and end with the reference.

Scripture memorisation is vital and can be done. Martin Luther memorised the whole of the Psalms in Hebrew, Erasmus, Luther’s friend memorised the whole N/T in Greek. There are thousands of Muslims who have memorised the whole Koran word perfect.
Jack van Impe the walking bible has memorized 35000 scriptures including the entire new testament. He devotes two hour daily to it. he uses the old fashioned cards. Attributes his prowess to desire, discipline and dedication.
Where there is the will there is away. God has given us all we need to do /his will.2 Pet.1:2-4
Having the scriptures readily available in our hearts is like having offensive and defensive weapons readily available under the authority of the Holy Spirit.
You can do it!

The Word Level1a
1. Colossians 3:16
2. Jeremiah1:12
3. Job 23:12b
4. Joshua 1:8
5. Matthew 4:4
6. Matthew 24:35
7. 1Peter2:2
8. Proverbs 4:20
9. 2 Timothy 2:15
10. Psalm119:105

Know your references on the word

Now go to the scriptures via the link
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