The Theme: The Assignment.Monk Abercius.

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The Theme: The Assignment.Monk Abercius.

Post  Vika47 on Mon 26 Mar 2012, 4:36 pm

From Luka 4-43 “But He said them: and to other cities I must publish the God’s Kingdom, because I was sent for it.” Jesus Christos was sent to publish the God’s Kingdom to us, which is set for us by God. But we never think about the God’s Kingdom set for us by God, although it was directed from Mathew 6-33. “First Look for the God’s Kingdom and his true and this all will be attached to you.” That is we must look for the God’s Kingdom by all our forces and by the interest of our soul. Do you act so? Does the monkey have more meaning that you rejected Christos and His Call to the Heaven Kingdom? Does a mollusk have more meaning?
There God says about you, from Matthew 19-22 “Because there are skoptsi, who make them so themselves for the Heaven Kingdom. Who can contain, will contain.” God came up to a cross, that you can get the Heaven Kingdom. By what will you justify your reject? You have no justifications before God. What does wait for you? Point you eternity yourself. God did for us everything.

Is that true that over 2000 years you cannot know what is what? IT IS APPOINTED BY GOD!!! What does wait for people rejected the God’s will about them? Here is the word of Johann Kronstadtskiy about it: through our weakness for flesh, its lusts and trough excessive valuation of flesh and everything fleshly, devil reigns in our hearts, executing his ungodly will and banishing the God’s Kingdom from our hearts and frustrating the cause of Jesus Christos, - the elevation us to the heaven. “My life according to Christ” publisger Blago, Moscow, 2006, page 388.
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